How will the Devs handle the missing Devil drops since Tuesday reset?

devs won’t fix anything cause it would be a benefit for players…GAP fix was on the next day :wink:


I love this game but the people running it really need to stop these constant problems. They probably made a lot of money yesterday from campaign passes and 1 day later and there’s a new issue. Please show us you care about this game as much as we do #workingasintended #weavergate


4th option: this “bug” or “misinformation” is intentional, so we target our rage on this issue and don’t talk more about #weavergate.
All is of course working as intended…


Probably be on Halloween vacation, and acknowledge the mishap after returning to work on some Monday. Then compensate with 50 gems coz that’s what we would have missed after a rigorous grind.

I still want to hold optimism, but it is growing thinner by the day.


I hesitate to take part in this because whatever fiction we come up with won’t be actually sadder than the eventual truth.


As I said when weavergate came about…

We have still not received ANY compensation for 11+ weeks of bugged potions.


How about: offer The Devil in the soulforge for a generous sum of 800 diamonds?


Nah, half off - only 400 per copy.


In reality, they should do the right thing and give you 2 copies posted to your mailbox for everyday this fiasco continues. We still continue to invest money in the game despite the pure incompetence shown (i know i do), but those straws are about to break my back. Listen to your customers, or you can go the same route as other businesses who have failed to listen.


It would make sense if they just changed the weapon recipe to use 1 copy of the devil and not consume it of course.
Still a poor show, but an easy quick ‘fix’


And here I was, enjoying the innovation of the Soul Harvest, looking forward to them maybe doing the same for other holidays in the future, and then BOOM : hard-cap

okay, well, if it’s two a day, that’s still fine, I guess. Less fun, completely destroys any reason to grind and increase their engagement metrics but no one needs hundreds of these things so :man_shrugging: I guess if they don’t want me to be on the hunt all day like I would have been…

Now, since the cap isn’t resetting, it’s clear no one will be able to get Trick and Treat until (IF?) they fix this, which ruins the entire event. Sucks all the fun of that final carrot out of Krystara.

:crossed_fingers: this wasn’t the plan all along — to get hopes high, pull out the rug, and then offer the “solution” of Well, we realize you’re disappointed, but never fear, Team-Adventurer-People! we have made a generous Flash Offer where you can now Buy the weapon for a low-low fee of $50!


Assuming the can figure out how to reset it year to year we could have it by 10/2023 :man_shrugging: good enough right?

They will do … absolutly nothing. They don’t even read us in those forums anymore. Just a ghost presence.

And this is why they can’t be arsed to fix anything. It has to impact the bottom line before they are “forced” to care. (Forced by their bosses…the people who actually decide their workload.)

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Use up vault keys on 11/29 to look for three copies of The Devil, I suppose… :upside_down_face:

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Tough luck, due to an intentional change that won’t get communicated The Devil will only show up in the vault 4 weeks after the end of the current campaign, 1/24/2022.

i think the devil has nothing to do with campaign pass, you are right for the magician though.
but anyway: getting more copies of the devil (with that drop rate and all), you will need a ton of vk to get them and the time to play all these battles.
New Tarot Card: The Devil
The Devil will release with the start of the Soul Harvest Event. For the next week, players will have a chance to earn him by defeating The Flesh Horror battlecrasher.

He will appear in the Vault, 3-4 weeks after the Soul Harvest event ends.

only 4 more hours until they get to the office…

Hey now, that’s not fair. I’m sure on page 187 of their company policy from 2013 there is a phrase that could potentially be perceived to mean the devil maybe might stop spawning after day 1. It’s our fault for not reading it, really.


There’s currently almost 100 VOTES on this poll, devs. I didn’t even realize there were that many active forum users.

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