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How to use guild chest

I have gained guild seals and used them to open the guild chest. Is there some kinda method I should be using? I read somewhere about event chest to not use the keys until there is an event I like and want certain Troops . Ex:wait for knight week to use so that I can get knight troops. Also the gnome key. When is it the best time to use it? I am sure there is a stragerty for that too​:blush::+1:t5:

The best time to spend your guild seals is when your guild has collected 40,000 in total for the week. If you are in a less active guild then wait for a week when your guild manages to collect at least 20,000 total. The chest contents get better at each level of total seals collected for the week = 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and 40,000.

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To clarify for the event keys, you get troops from the weekly Kingdom when you open event keys, not a particular troop type, but you have the general idea.

For the vault keys, the devs have said they are going to buff the vault rewards slightly sometime this week, but I’m not sure if it has actually happened yet. There will be a “Vault event” this weekend, where treasure gnomes will appear much more often and each gnome has a much larger chance of dropping a vault key. They promised that the buff would be in place by then, so I would save any vault keys you have until Friday and then use them then.

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Oh ok. So when guild chest says lvl3,4 or 5 it depends on the overall team. Got it. Wasn’t sure what the levels meant. I will start saving them. Thanks for the info about the event key as well👍🏾

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In my guild, we typically wait until a week were there is a new Legendary or Mythic that can only be obtained via “glory, gem, guild and VIP keys” and then we rally for 40k seals and spend all the keys we have saved.

It has worked out quite well for us so far. Personally, I have gotten 2 Mythic troops from guild keys by doing it this way.

Good luck, I hope you find some awesome troops!

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