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How to Use a new account without losing the old one

Hi all, I used to play the game, but then around 2 years ago I stopped. Reinstalled it now on Steam and recovered my lev 250+ account. The problem being everything looks confusing now, cause so many things changed and were added. I would like to create a secondary account to go back to the basic, before getting back to my main, but I read that if I try to connect another account I will permanently lose my old one. Is there a work around?

Screenshots or video:

You won’t permanently lose it. Just set up a recovery before you make a new one, snap a pic of your password since we can’t set our own, and submit a ticket to get your old one back when you want it reactivated. I wish there was a better way, but aside from a second device or making a new steam account, this has been the “best” way to do it.

You could also download it free on PS/Xbox as it’s the same game at the same place with updates. Switch is a couple updates behind but is also an option.