How to solve the problem of advertising on the world channel? Official

Every day, this person (should be the same person, because the previous advertisements are the same) sends at least 20 such advertisements on the World Channel. This person has been reported before, but he changed his number and continued to do so.
(To tell you the meaning of the advertisement he sent: it is a software that can play games automatically, without manual. It can automatically collect resources every hour)。
Now our World Channel (600), like the game of World of Warcraft, has affected our normal chat. We have reported this person for several days, and the official has not dealt with this person.So is there any way to solve this problem?
Even if the person is dealt with in the future, this person can open another number to advertise on the world channel. This behavior of this person has been on the World Channel (600) for half a year.
We don’t want the future World Channel (600) to become his own stage.
So please ask the official staff to help us, we need a clean world channel that can chat happily, not a world channel that advertises all day.


Indeed, very annoying advertisement. Feels like Channel 600 is for this ad only. Wish it would be blocked someday.

Support your advice about clean communication environment. We all hates annoying ads,the official should focus on it. Find and ban them,which is an easy and effective way to make game better.

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