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How to remove inactive guild leaders? - SOLUTION: Open support ticket

I’d appreciate it if guild leaders would be demoted after X amount of days of inactivity.

I personally would recommend 21-30 days as two to three weeks could constitute a vacation or family emergency.

However if you implement this it would be greatly appreciated if all the guild leaders that have currently been inactive for greater than the time allotment were immediately demoted.

I’m not sure what criteria you’d use for promoting the next guild leader but I’d say next highest active rank in line. In the event all the active members are tied I’d recommend whomever has accrued the most for the guild. Combination of Gold, Seals and Trophies.


If you have a specific Guild in mind and this is happening to you, raise a support ticket.

Previously devs have allowed members to take over Guilds when the leader goes inactive. @Pell took over TigerClaw after he and I raised tickets, and that Guild is still top ten and going strong.

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Our support team currently handles inactive guild leaders requests.

We will help players out who contact us about inactive guild leader, but the guild leader has to have been inactive for 30 days before we will change them.

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I am currently in a guild where the leader has been inactive for over 150 days. Would be great if something could be done. Name of the guild is “pulse of the maggots”

As Nimhain stated above, you need to open a support ticket if you want to have your inactive guild leader removed.

Here’s the link: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks for all the info. I was able to get the support team to remove the inactive leader. Apologies for not having time to hop on the forums and update the status of this topic.

Sorry @XandosReign, I was actually responding to @Ashke. :slight_smile: