How to play this game?

I dont have to time to play much, please tell me what should i can do on game!
Thank you!

Not much time?
You should match at least 3!

Start saving money.

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If you’re a casual player without a lot of time, just do what you find fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Finishing your Story Mode to unlock the whole map should probably be priority 1 if you’re looking to progress; good luck!


Perhaps some kind and helpful advice for a new player would have been a better reply. You too @Live
Why do so many have to resort to this level?

Well, did you pass the tutorial? It tells about basics – how to play, where to look. What exactly is unclear?

Find a good guild that takes new players. It’s really important to get into a guild.
You want one that does not ask for any gold, you will need gold to unlock and level up your kingdoms.
Look for a guild on forums or hop into global chat 002 and you will find a guild