How to play event of "help tezca protect the stryx............."

hi there everyone,
could u plz help me to give info on currently happening event of "help tezca protect the stryx eggs by killing naga in explore mode"
how to play this event? it says kill naga and i am unable to find naga. did i need to go on some kingdom or what?

Mist of Scales is the kingdom with naga, explore there and you’ll find battles with 1, maybe 2, naga at a time.

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thank u for your quick response…

either incorporate soul farming, gold farming into your mix to get the most out of this one. It looks like it will be a long one since I’m getting 1 naga each battle.

Luckily I need a ton of Arcane Bloods so exploring Mist of Scales won’t be too much of a hassle.

Btw, to quickly reset a team if you don’t get any nagas

  • Select The Difficulty button

Then select the X on the Difficulty screen to close

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I thought I never would see the day, I once got 3 nagas in one explore. :relieved:


That happened to me… when I had 59 stones.

Granted I’ll need the extra 2 when I push to finish later, but while working toward 60 for the troops it was a Grrr moment.

It was an easy event overall.


Yep, I finished all 150 stones last night. Just used the difficulty trick and only took 2 and 3-troop battles.

Took me ~120 matches and I got 13 arcane traitstones for my effort. :smiley: