How to pick delve rooms order?

Hey, could I get some help please?

When doing a Faction Event, if I’m going for leaderboard, I believe I know that the “correct” path is to take highest multiplier rooms first and work your way down.

However if points are not the goal, and instead I want to maximize gold gains, how do I do that? Treasure rooms go first, last…? And what about Cedric’s room?

On the other hand, with the three daily delve sigils, same criteria as above applies? And again, same question, is there a path to maximize points and another to prioritize gold? Do points in daily delves actually matter?

Lol thanks in advance to whoever has the wisdom to help this lost soul

Take rooms which give less gold first. If there are several rooms with equal gold rewards take room with higher treasure multiplier.

Unless you are playing gold-generating team (aka Skeleton Key-Greed team) it doesn’t matter.


There are no points in daily delves.

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