How to obtain the Life And Death weapon

Hi all,

That weapon looks pretty good, is it possible to obtain it somehow?

Purchase during silver necroplis delve event.


Great news! Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there some schedule for this event? I mean I need to prepare enough gems for the purchase before this event will start…

Actually purchase with gems in event shop during a silver necro faction event OR craft in soulforge with diamonds, jewels and souls during a silver necro favtion event. Sometimes it may be cheaper and easier to farm the diamonds&jewels for it than the gems.

I think taransworld has a schedule of the upcoming events (including faction events).

Edit: acording to taransworld, SilverNecropolis is due to be tommorow… Hopefully you have/can get the gems or the diamonds/jewels for it (forgot the actual diamond cost, but I’d guess 200 diamonds and 500 jewels, prolly purple ones)

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Silver Necropolis Faction Assault Event will be on Oct 29. Oct 22 is Sunken Fleet Assault Event (with Last Harbor weapon).


True, looked at wrong week 🤦🤦🤦

No worries :slight_smile:
anyway, now I know about the Transworld and the schedule there

I have 2 questions:

  1. Crafting cost of the faction weapon is always the same at soulforge?
  2. The purchase of the fraction weapon is always at Tier 4 in the event shop? (410 gems)?

Yes and yes.
Both for newly released factions (the 3 day weekend event), and for existing factions (the 1 day faction assault event).

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