How to manage this point in the game life

It’s been a sad week for me; Almost 3/4s of the results from all the guild keys used this week resulted in souls since I already had 4x Mythics. (I did get some nice glory, gold and runic stones but…)
I have 114 cards left to get to Mythic level
89 of them are sitting at level 19 with 1-10 more cards needed to push them to Mythic
26 are those that started at legendary
53 are those that started at Epic

Add that to the Mythics I am missing 12 of

I have had cards since the first week I played still not dropping.

It is disheartening … there is no way to get some of these cards unless I start paying for Gems and just focusing on spending them in events or the VIP chests.

How do other people make it through this time. I can’t get Silverglade kingdom to 5 stars because I am missing 2 cards one for each Elisebeth and Krystnex. Really a bummer - even though they are fully traited and at 19th level. Because I am missing those two and they haven’t dropped at all in weeks for me it is hard.

I will answer your question in two parts:

how I use my wealth:
-saving up to a mythic release and then spend keys until I get the mythic guaranteed
-bring weekly new troop(s) to mythic with glory
-use gems on event keys when a new kingdom arrives to get those new cards to mythic or close

how I get my wealth:
-weekly guild tasks
-legendary guild tasks
-guild wars
-play a lot for a long time
-at the start I spend real money but when you realise that beeing part of an active guild is worth 100$+ each week it seem silly later


That pretty much sums up what I am doing already - but I understand you correctly you don’t spend your keys until the new Mythic or Kingdom is available. So everything you get from the guild weekly tasks you just save.

Did that last two kingdoms and unfortunately didn’t produce much - hence why both of those are still 4 star kingdoms.


Once you hit that point, you really need to just accept that they will eventually be Mythic.

I’m at the point I just target new troop releases with Keys and Gems. I think most of us near the end have similar philosophies.

Gem Keys, Glory Keys, Gold Keys - New Kingdom release
Gems - VIP Keys on Mythic Exclusive week, or Event Keys for new Legendary.
Event Keys - New Legendary troops.
Guild Keys - Open until you get 4x Mythic GG, then save for GW troops or Mythic Weeks.
Glory - Flexible, but burn extra for 2xtraitstone weeks. It really helps in the long game.

At your point, hope crafting is good. If it is, it will remove some of the pain when you get down to needing 10-15 troops. Like the dang Autumnal Imp, that evaded me last fall, and frustrates me. I still probably wouldn’t use it at Mythic, but I’d like to think I would.


OH I so love Glory Weekly Chests. I have built up my arcane pile because of that, and I have become extremely frugal now on who I upgrade traits = except for the weekly card(s). But now because I started buying extras (after I get that new troop fully traited) it has paid off in spades.

So pretty much where I am at and what I was already doing is pretty much how it is.

I really do hope Crafting is good I have SOOOOOO many minor and major traitstones now. Some of them almost double what I need based on @Lyya’s site. (Which I sooooo love because now my plotting is easier for who really I want to trait up)

Cause as you said - it’s the acceptance now that over time they will at some point be mythics.


this is correct.
having all troops and mythic, everything traited and enough glory to have a stockpile of 50 of each arcane that got released since november didnt come fast. It took 1,5 years of daily play.
I can understand that it seems frustrating to have that much in front of you but basically its
a) play a lot
b) play for a long time
c) spend your ressources targeted on new stuff, keep a treasure to make sure to be prepared for the next event and use the rest to fill up your gaps slowly but steadily

keep the head up and good luck on your keys!

I am about to pass my one year with this game, and have played a lot… Trust me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips

When Suncrest hit I had 21,000 gold chests waiting. After opening I had ALL commons and rares fully ascended. At that point it becomes a matter of maintaining. 19,200 glory to mythic a common on weekly release. 13,800 to mythic a rare. Or don’t mythic and wait for next kingdom release spending spree.


That is not a very long time at all. After my first year of playing the game, I was still missing over half the legendaries. Thing is, it didn’t bother me, I thought that how the game was and enjoyed advancing at my own pace…until I visited the forum.

Here I saw people mentioning x3 or x4 of the same legendary (webspinner, it was when team bonuses were introduced and she was a thing), as if it was the most natural thing, and I came to a shock. It turned out that some people had the level of resources I could never imagine possible - and not just by spending money.

The ending was good, at least. I found out the deciding factor was not my playtime, nor money, it was guilds. Get into a top guild, and you’ll have everything in no time. Stay in an average one, and you better forget about completing your collection, and just play as if it’s not possible. So I did [join a top guild], and indeed, after a month or two my collection was complete. A few months further, and I was having more and more of my cards to mythic. Getting the base mythics when they came was no problem either.

So my advice to you is this: Choose your route.
If you have to have everything - no way around stepping up. Find the best guild you can somehow fill the requirements of (where ‘best’=does the most legendary tasks), or possibly up your game to squeeze in the very top ones. Friends and values be damned, gotta catch them all!
If you want to play the game at your own pace - forget about all these wrongly-colored troops in your collection, ignore all those forum threads full of bragging about having every mythic. Those aren’t you, they are all top-guilders. Instead, concentrate on what brought you to love the game from day one, when you hardly had anything. Enjoy the 3-match system, the events, the challenges, the relationship with your guildmates. And no, the “Show All” button in your collection does not exist. Never, ever, press on it.


Stocking up gems and keys is too boring for me right now. As of now, I mainly use event keys and gems to get every troop from current kingdom up to Mythic. This is what keeps me in game. I have some goal.
It doesn’t take that many keys, I simply need 1-3 copies of Legendary cards and 5-10 of Epics. And use Glory to get the current event troop to Mythic, too, unless it’s Common or Rare. I’ve already accepted that those ones will be Mythic eventually, and stopped bothering about them.
So, I have a goal, I spend Gem and Event keys each week and don’t bother about stocking up - it’s too boring for me.

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i just mass open monthly at the exclusive week, see if they drop
and if i dont want to wait anymore i just use event keys at the week when its possible

so far i never had problems with units that way, outside of imps and mythics

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