How to log into Xbone with PC/Android profile

So a while back my husband started playing gems of war on a friends xbone. The friend then moved away and we didn’t have an xbone to continue his game so I made him a new profile on PC via Steam and then later connected that account to his tablet so now he can play on either device.

Now we have an xbone and I’m trying to figure out how to link his PC/Android profile to the xbone but all I am getting is his old profile and character that he made way back in the day. Is it even possible to cross platform this game in this way? Ideally I would like it so that he could play on PC, tablet and xbone. Is this possible or are console versions of this game isolated?

Unfortunately it’s not possible. Due to restrictions from Sony and Microsoft cross-platform with consoles is impossible. It’s not even possible between Xbone and PS4 :frowning:

That’s so stupid…

Yet so expected unfortunately.

Anyone know if the Devs have any thought about crossplay with xbox/pc? it’s been over half a year? since Microsoft opened up crossplay. Rocket League is one, Minecraft will crossplay on everything (except PS4 since Sony has a statement about why they won’t allow crossplay), and Gears of War and other games allow crossplay as well.

I’m sure it’s something they are thinking about once all the versions are running the same codebase.

While I think it might be looked at I’m not sure it’s as simple as it sounds. From what I understand to be able to crossplay an Xbone and a PC the PC needs to be on Windows 10. So if GoW was to be changed to do so, it would require all PC players to be on Windows 10. Another issue that might pose a problem, is that GoW is a persistent world that continues outside of a player being logged in. From what I understand Gears of War, Rocket League and Minecraft all require players to be “matched” with each other, or servers setup and run by players (or there are multiple different servers, some of which might allow cross play, and others that might not), where as GoW has one singular server managed by the developers. So rather than just having to deal with crossplay for match making, and in an enclosed space (the specific server, or match) GoW would have to deal with crossplay data constantly, which could create a much larger overhead for the servers.

Also I’m not sure how crossplay works with Xbone, Steam and Mobile. Yes Minecraft is available between all platforms (at least if you’re on a Windows 10 PC), but it is not available on Steam, only on the Windows Store, so there might be a restriction where by connections between Xbone and Mobile have to go through the Windows Store only.

These are just my own assumptions and thoughts.