How to level up lives for Hero and troops?


Still can’t figure out. I am at level 346 and Hero remains at 19 lives but other players lower than me has more lives, how come? what am i missing?


Level 10 Kingdoms provide extra stats to all your troops (including your hero).


This could be due to kingdom bonuses or team bonuses that the other team has


Could never find a straight answer. This does not apply to the xbox version, am I correct? Sorry for the awkward wording but you get my drift :smile:


@ Shimrra
i am level 10 on my kingdom… still have 19 lives


I am on a higher level but but beaten up by lower levels that have higher lives. Something is wrong in the logic of the game. If i can’t higher up my lives why i am levelling up?


When you level up, you level up your hero only. Sometimes it’s more advantageous to not even use your hero in battle. Are the higher lives/health seen on the actual hero? Or the other cards that the lower levels are using? Also, they could have a unique team bonus that grants everyone on their team +1 or +2 health.

In regards to the benefit of leveling up, at lvl 500, you will get +1 to magic which can be useful if you use your hero often. I’d say the main goal is to put together the most effective team you can with the cards at your disposal and then match your opponent in to epic defeat!


Each kingdom provides a stat boost to life, armor, attack, or magic (one only). Each.

More info here.


thanks a lot :wink:


thanks a lot :wink:


I am not certain what build consoles are on. When you select a kingdom, can you check the details and do you then get 10 levels listed from left to right with different bonuses at each level? (and kingdoms are leveled by leveling the troops?)
If it is that version, then you get the level bonuses you unlocked for a specific kingdom when you fight in that kingdom (by invading players who use it as a home kingdom or by defending in your home kingdom).
The PC / Phone version now has stat bonus per kingdom with all of them always in effect.


Consoles are on 1.6 as far as I know.