How to improve stats and locked skills?

Hi everyone,

I have been playing for 4 months now, I understood all the basics and stuff. But something still bothers me.
I am lvl 78 with War, Spring Imp ( Myth), Jarl (Leg) and Hellcat (Epic). They have around 20ATK/40HP/30ARMOR.

But I encounter teams with peasants and orcs (common cards) with 56ATK/90HP/200ARMOR. How is it possible ? I then checked my guild and kingdoms and saw " Skill + 1 armor " or " +4 life " but it’s GREY. As if it was locked. Because even if I should have +18HP due to all the bonuses I unlocked, my team stats haven’t changed. Why ? I have lvl 10 kingdoms and a lvl 80 guild. So why isn’t my team stronger in stats ? It changes nothing and I am desperately looking for tips or explanations.

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Kingdom skill bonuses go up as you collect all troops for that kingdom, level them all up to 20 with souls and acquire all their traits with traitstones. For a kingdom with 8 troops (are there any left?), all troops must be mythic with all traits acquired to 5 star that kingdom. The double skill bonus will apply to all troops, whether they are from that kingdom or not. Most folks do magic, attack, life, armor kingdoms in that order.


So, upgrading all kingdoms to lvl 10 won’t give me anything ? Or just apply to troops from that kingdom ?
It is only worth it if it reaches 5 stars ?

And what about the guild bonuses ? Why aren’t they applying ?

But here is my problem. Compared to the guide you sent me, my skills are grey. They don’t activate. Same for the guild ones

That one looks active to me brudda

Then why is this one colored ?
Why do I have cards with 2 ATK / 3 HP / 1 ARMOR if my guild bonuses give at least + 10 HP / 4 ARMOR / 3 ATK ?

Well it would appear you are correct brudda i just checked mine…
@Saltypatra any ideas?

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There supposed to be grey, in you Kingdom tab (bad color choice). Guild should be colored.

Looks bugged. Ill check mine.

I think the different platforms PS4, XBOX, PC/Mobile all display slightly differently.

Once the Dev’s get everything on Unity, it might help relieve the differences between platforms.


Most likely they are in a higher Guild getting major Stat bonuses, because of the Guild Tasks.

If you are an active player, then I suggest joining a higher ranked guild where contributions get all tasks done and you will be equal to them.

I dont play on console, but I played Solo for over a year or 2 and I noticed the same thing until recently about 5-6 months ago and since then PvP and other modes are much easier.

Now the downfall is the amount of GOLD I win from each battle has majorly dropped because of those additional stats.

I still won >80% of the time even being an underdog. You can build teams where the opponent only gets a turn when you allow it. I know Mobile is different, but I usually set the AI up for a skull match before I pass the turn knowing the maximum damage I will receive.

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I just checked and the kingdom applies to everyone. Every card has at least 1 armor and 1 attack

Now the mysterious part :

This is the +4 armor bonus

Yet this card only has 2 total armor :

If you look at the “tasks” tab, you’ll see if that armor bonus is active or not. If it is, it will say something like “enjoy your bonus for the next xxx minutes”.

Geez @Strat can i borrow some of that gold brudda?

Ohhh so that’s how it works ? Damn that solves everything, thank you

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Based on his post/screen shot above Blue is not active.

Ops… I try and keep my resources close to the chest, that evidence sneaked out:D

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Thank you everyone for clarifying that point for me, have a nice day and enjoy the game