How to get new weapons

I’ve just reached magic level 10 (purple) but it never gives me new weapons. What’s the point of sticking to a particular color this way, without new weapons awarded when leveling up?

You should have gotten the Tome of Wizardry when reaching Purple 10, that’s weird. You can see all the masteries needed for each weapon on the Weapon list:

see in hero menu how much Y got for real…when Y lvl up it shows magic lvl with bonuses fe from guild

Yep, I got the tome of wizardry, which by the way is very weak. It only explodes 1 gem… I mean I folllowed the purple path and most of the times when leveling up my purple mastery… I was like come on give me a new cool weapon come on and awww NOTHING, I was always disappointed. Wow a mastery, big deal, it didn’t give me ANYTHING :frowning: what a cruel world.

I took a look at your list, thanks. From what I see, we only get a new weapon at level 10 and then at level 14… Oh well. But that tome, oh boy. Come on now, give me something I can use.

This is something I wish they didn’t do! I tried to keep in mind what the masteries for the guild are when picking, but it would be so much easier to see just the Hero’s levels without combining them. … Don’t really see the benefit myself, and being one who basically levels all colors evenly, this makes it somewhat a pain.

Actually, for a while it was hit or miss too. Sometimes showing the Hero’s lvl only, and the next time it would combine with guild? Not sure what that was about? But lately it’s been staying with showing both. At least add a button for an optional view.

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This game sure is confusing at times. My guild is so great (not), that gives me +0 on all colors. I don’t even know what my guild is for. Only 3 people there. I never hear from them.

I’d join a different guild WildTiger. Your guild gives you mastery bonuses, so you can get mana surges more often. The guild tasks also reward everyone, so if you have an active guild, with everyone donating, you can be rewarded very well. It’s how many people got the gems for their dragon/celestial armors, and it’s why there are people going around with hundreds of treasure maps :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at that weapon list though, and see what you get at what levels, and decide what to work towards. Eventually you can get all the mastery earned weapons, but it’s going to take awhile.

@Digital_Dave That’s a console issue. Your guild mastery bonuses will not show up unless you have clicked guild. Once you’ve clicked guild they show up for the rest of the session. It’s similar to how you won’t get the stuff from your guild tasks until you click guild, then click something else like troops, then back out of troops. The console version doesn’t like to update without some nudging.

I should look for a decent guild then I guess. I joined some random one just to see what it is…

The posts in this thread give me good laughs for some reasons.

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@ThoughtfulMoron … Thanks, good to know. :slightly_smiling:

Great! That lousy level 10 tome, huh? More like level -10!!!

Also, on other news, I left my old guild. 3 people there. Never sent me postcards on Christmas or anything… They are so mean. One of them hasn’t logged on in 50 days, the other guy hasn’t logged on for 300 days. Almost a year without Gems of War? Got a girlfriend or something? Didn’t even invite me to his wedding. Come on dawg, let a geek eat candy and discuss mana at your wedding dude! You’re no fun.

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I wish people would quit donating to the treasure map task… It’s only worth it if you want glory for ascending and even then you get tons from gameplay.