How to get better troops?

I’m level 50, and while I’ve got a decent amount of troops, they’re still pretty bad.

How do I get troops (without spending real money), given that I’m willing to grind for a couple hours? What’s the best thing to do? Pvp for 500 matches to get 1000 glory and buy 50 glory chests?

What else could I do?

Join a good (active) guild. That should give you plenty of resources to get new troops.


And these forums are a good place to look for one.

BTW, don’t spend glory or gold on chests, not worth it.


What should I spend glory on?

Weekly event packs in the shop

This week the falconer if you can only afford one because they give arcane traitstones


On rewards in the shop. You get new troops this way, some keys and arcane traitstones - this will save you much time you won’t have to dedicate to grinding explore.

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