How to get a troop explained in game

On a yearly basis you introduce troops that can’t be found in chests. The remaining 100 players who will still play Gems of War after 8.0 would really appreciate that knowledge being shared in game. When a player clicks on a troop whether owned or owned. A mechanic should exist to instruct the player on how obtain a troop.

For example…
Arachnaean Weaver can be found in glory chests or above and sometimes in Events Chests during its Kingdom week. First Friday off the month to second Friday of the month troop cannot be found in chests save for possibly event chests. Troop is in the Soul Forge rotation. Can also be awarded from Tier purchases or Paid passes when applicable. (Such a simple explanation would apply to 95% of Mythic troops.)


Stellarix can only be crafted in the soul forge. Please check the soul forge for additional instructions on how to obtain.


You mean like how Pets have a third page which typically explains how to acquire them? “Unlock in a Pet Rescue […] when you defeat a Pet Gnome in PVP” or “increase your Renown in _____ Faction”.

Seems simple enough, but where on the UI would it go? And, obviously, 95% of Troops would simply say “acquire from Chests”, with relatively few having a different/special acquisition method.


Sometimes lol



I love this idea! I always forget which troops are earned only in special places.

The Guild Wars rewards only troops
The Treasure Guardians from Underspire
The Soulforge only ones
The Tarot troops from the Vault

…I’m sure I’m forgetting some.


probably the guild guardians from guild chests

hoard mimic too


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They need to add an asterisk or some other symbol in the upper right corner of troop cards that cannot be obtained by normal means. Troops that cannot be obtained with keys include the following:

•Faction troops from chaos portals
•Guild war rewards, like penguin. (I bet they forget to reimplement this when it comes back)
•Tarot cards (from vault rewards, and even then, we have to remind them to update this)
•Underspire sentinels from treasure rooms
•Crafted troops that can only be obtained in the soulforge
•Hoard Mimic from the boss chest in explore (difficulty doesn’t matter, but it’s faster on higher difficulties)

Immortal troops will also be added to the list, and I think we are at the point where there are over 100 troops that cannot be obtained from “chests.” If you aren’t familiar with the game, it can be confusing.


It could be a 3rd button when you click the troop card, next to More Upgrades, and bring up a completely separate page.

It’d also be nice if they were clickable links and they’d take you to the selected location whether it’s chest, faction portal, gnome vault, etc. Not as necessary, but it’d save some time for faction troops in particular.