How to get a Ranger?

Is there a way to specifically get this card? I’ve played against it several times, and its Lightning Arrow is OP. Ergo, I need it.

Get him from either gold chests or glory chests, you’ll easily find Rare troops like him on one of those chests.


If you are struggling to find rares, you probably need to join a guild. The first three levels of Brown task give 150 gold keys for less than the cost of a single person just buying them. Just two equal contributors in a guild makes gold keys from the Brown task cheaper than buying them from the chest screen, and you can get 670 per week like this. An active, 30 person guild gains about as much total gold back from opening the gold keys from the first 5 Brown tasks as they put in if they all contribute equally.


Yep, a guild for the Gold keys is the way to go for Common and Rare cards. You’ll find Ranger is indeed a very nice troop for your play and should be easy to obtain from Gold keys, I found him well before Level 20.

Early gameplay tips (spoiler!):

Pair him up with the Alchemist to quickly charge his Yellow spell and you’ll be good to go, as well as pulling in some extra income per match. Once you get Valkyrie (Rare) for her Soul & blue gem generation, Ranger will be even better when paired with Druid (Ultra Rare blue troop). You’ll get desirable Kingdom troop bonuses for that team too on top of that. :slight_smile:

Good luck finding the Ranger, and enjoy playing around with the team combinations! The variety of effective teams that can work in early game is astonishing. Even the Hero with the first weapon, Crude Club, can be OP when a player is still under level 200. :slight_smile: