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How to Fix the World Events

#1 Stage rewards should be attainable if all guild members buy tier 3-4. Like raid/invasion have always been. If you’re worried nobody will buy higher tiers without the “carrot” of a new troop then might I suggest adding a different carrot to tiers 5, 6 and 7. Why not give nysha tokens? Or a minor chaos orb for tier 6 and 7?

#2 Make the points from each battle less random Having 2 layers of RNG is too much. RNG determines what battles we are presented with (whether we get a mythic or legendary battle option) and THEN it appears RNG says how many points we get from that battle. Please choose one or the other not both. If you must have random points then make it a maximum of + or - 1. Currently I think it can be + or - 3 which is ridiculous.

#3 The battles are too repetitive The same 5 fights over and over? Really? I suggest letting the legendary and mythic bosses pull 3 support troops from ANYWHERE. Have the legendary boss pull 3 random epic troops and the mythic boss pull 3 random legendary troops. You say you’ve heard players say they want more diversity but then give us the exact same 5 battles to fight?

#4 Event tokens in latter stage rewards seems counter intuitive We need these tokens/medals to fight our battles but when all stages are complete the event is over basically. Maybe move them to earlier stage rewards or shop tiers.

#5 Don’t allow 2 battles exactly the same to show at same time Currently I have 2x Sol’Zara’s Shamans Lv170 showing on my battle screen. If I’m lucky enough for RNG to grant me 2 legendary boss fight options they should at least be different bosses.

#6 More relaxed team building restrictions Triple restrictions is too much and doesn’t make the mode more fun, in fact it does the opposite. People spend more gems when they’re having fun. The highest I ever saw the invasion leaderboard go was that glorious week where we had multiple tower killers. People went nuts on spending gems because it was fun having a kickass team. We love options when team building and if we can make a more powerful team with more options that’s a good thing. So what if it makes the event easier? We are having fun. Maybe just have 1 restriction and have the restriction change each event to keep it interesting and “dynamic”.

Just thought I would make a compilation of all the points made multiple times in multiple threads so devs can see them all in 1 place. Also offered my humble opinion on how to fix said points. Have I missed anything?


I think “World Events” can be great fun … I’d add:

Enemy should be as restricted as we are … not sure why orcs have elves on their team occasionally. Or spiders.

Make tier rewards less formulaic. Every event throws orbs at you; and I get their need…but it’d be nice if some events gave tokens (Nysha, for example) as the tier rewards, or vault keys, jewels, or gem/VIP keys. Just to change up the reward system a little. Chaos orbs are nice, to an extent - but I’m sure even those hunting for ZG would like some rewards to differ on occassion.

Have some fun with it …

  • a week(end) of gnome hunting for example with vault keys as the tier rewards (would’ve been great for St Patrick’s Day, no?).
  • a week of delve troops invading the upper world, etc. - where the world event moves from kingdom to kingdom
  • a week(end) where a class must be used and tiers give class xp (to help level classes)

And I’ll reiterate the above:

  • Any event should be completeable by tier 4 purchases. above that are for leader board types
  • Scoring should be more transparent … in no way should a level 70 fight grant more macguffins than a level 250 fight.

I also think that someone should come out and say they screwed the pooch on the initial event - making the scoring so painful. Simply as an introduction to the concept, it should have been constructed to make everyone come back for more; not leave them wondering if they’ll ever participate again.


This :+1:.


Cool idea.


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This x1000 (with no added RNG to change the multiplier)

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#6 - Slightly more relaxed team building restrictions. Having two or more troop types OR kingdoms OR colors offers far more interesting choices as far as team building than any single kingdom or troop type, or color, which are all rehashes of restrictions we’ve already done with the additional imposition that the hero weapon must follow the same rule (soft restrictions for guild wars, but still, most run full color). If the intent is to be something different, but the most variation in gameplay you get in Gems of War is the teams you play, even more so than the teams you face at time, so having some variance and interesting choices in team building for these events is essential to make these actually dynamic. Please do not do like class events and double-restrict by two criteria, this is far too restrictive for interesting choices even if you have all relevant troops unlocked, and with the weapon restriction piled on that, is likely a non-starter to even cobble something together that usable once things start scaling for those that don’t.

As an addendum to both #3 and my #6, as pointed out by @TheIdleOne at some point in one of these threads, mirror matches tend to make this even worse, and when the enemy shares a large portion of your viable troop pool there is bound to be some overlap, especially when they include the most powerful troops from your respective groups. To me, this feels like sneaking in the parts of faction team delves that are probably most unliked - your best tools and theirs are the same, but they have 4x your stats. Luckily this week we have Earth’s Fury and Mang and the event medal reflects this obvious choice in strategy (which by the way, having the event medal boosting a specific strategy also greatly limits relevant team building choices). Not sure if this is the minority feeling or not, but I at least feel these events would be better served not fighting troops from the same pool you are forced to use.

As an aside from that, I feel that there is potential here to direct certain playstyles with the combination of restrictions and event medal boosts, but I’m not sure this should be a goal of these events. This week, for example, we were “hunting for skulls” both as the event requirement and as a win condition within a given battle. This could be a nice change of pace over a short period of time, but like most events, far overstays its welcome before you run out of sigils. Think of it like the treasure hunt snotstone events of days past - if this is not people’s preferred method of play and you expect them to do it for a minimum of 2+ hours, expect it to sour their interaction with it entirely instead of them welcoming it for short bursts of offering a “break” from “normal” gameplay. Pigeonholing a certain strategy for a given event over the entire course of the one week event does not make events more dynamic - it sets them apart from other events of the same “type”, sure, but the event runs long enough. This makes the “repetitiveness” pointed out stick out a lot more, because not only are you facing the same teams with your team that might include some of the same troops and sticking to one specific strategy throughout, you are also doing this when this is not your preferred method of gameplay and for hours and likely in chunks of > 1 hour over the course of an event.


Added to op.

How to Fix the World Events



Actually, the battles aren’t the same. If you scout both, you’ll see that there’s variations. For example, I have two Sol’zaras up and they are

  • Gor’Thrum
  • Fel’Dras
  • Spinnerette
  • Sol’Zara
  • Gor’Thrum
  • War Wolf
  • Spinnerette
  • Sol’Zara

If you provide feedback, please ensure that it is not baseless. (I would hope this is obvious, but I’m being sarcastic.)

It is speculated that there are multiple variations for each fight representative but which share the same level. This is why you can have four Brawlmaster fights but all of the same level.

Go back to where you started.That made the game a hit.

Make quality and NOT quantity the goal again.
I would much rather have 1 or 2 well designed, enjoyable, unique events monthy than 10 of them that are nothing but tedious, repetitive and astronomically BORING clones of each other dressed up in different clothing.


Best suggestion I’ve seen so far @Shimrra :ok_hand:

I’ve had three Brawlmaster battles up at once, they all had the same troops at the same position. Quite often the only variation is the coordinates you have to click to start the very same next battle.

Sadly there is absolutely no way that the boost tokens will be brought forward in the rewards structure. That would potentially limit investment and thus impact their profits (a bit similar to delve pets that give the biggest boost when you no longer need it). But it’s a good post summarising what people have suggested. Sadly I fear that we are doomed due to the lunacy of the leaderboard.

Another thing that makes me smh but not worthy of a # in the op is the x10 points for the skulls. Why give 10 points for each skull why not just give 1? Seriously it’s just an added layer of bull**** for no reason at all. They could have just given 1 point per skull and divided by 10 the stage rewards points. The only reason I can think of is people feel good when getting more points. In that case why stop at x10? Go for it and make it x100!!! :roll_eyes:

Or, you know, just this for no reason: