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How to fix the old event weapons issue

I have been playing through Puzzle Quest lately and was thinking that a mechanic from it would work well in Gems of War to fix the old event weapon problem. In Puzzle Quest, “traitstones” are used to make weapons. Why can’t the same be applied to all old event weapons as well as to whatever new non-kingdom weapons may eventually be added to the game.

Other than 2-3 kingdom weapons and the few from classes, Gems of War hasn’t had a new weapon for about 7 months now with Crescendo being the most recent one. Many newer players don’t have availability to around 10% of the weapons in the game since they are unobtainable by any means.

The formation of something like a Smithery in which traitstones are used to form specific weapons would fix all this. It could be used to form every weapon that have been event only. It would also easily allow the introduction of new weapons in a slightly harder to obtain way than glory, like how new event week legends are event key only at first. It could even lead into the ability to add and craft mythic weapons.

This crafting system would also help to balance out the lack of major and celestial traitstones spending within the game as both rarities relative to their abundance have too little uses.


or something like the war and peace being added to a story line quest addition…

i love this idea, what more even make it very expensive and costing lots of arcanes and even more of celestials!

The last weapon added. (lion weapon) doesn’t even work properly, I don’t think this kind of major change is likely. The devs are focused a bit too much on troops. I do like the idea though.


Great idea, Tacet! :slight_smile:

The best solution for the Devs and players would be to have all the weapons available at sale at around 5 dollar each or buy with gems, just like we have the armor section in the Shop, we should have the Weapon section as well. That way the weapons is always available for everyone to buy - whenever they want to buy it/them. But crafting weapons could be added as well.