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How to fix the Kraken Meta

I think the easiest way is to just change the Kraken’s color scheme from Green/Purple to Blue/Purple.
Never really understood why a Kraken has Green anyway.

Sure, you can say there’s always Sea Troll, but at least it won’t make a complementary cycle with the Kraken for N loops, which was what made the Forest Troll/Kraken so deadly.

If you’re worried about self-looping Krakens, can just reduce the amount of blue gems it generates.


you could have suggested that alone without changing color, and see what would happen

anyway i think id rather nerf trolls, not kraken -> even more likely i wouldnt really nerf trolls - > id nerf the way gems are spawned

the gem spawning algorhitm seems too much fixed into making extra turns no matter the board state

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kraken still a problem?

The gems spawning algorithm is not good enough to make looping teams trustworthy.
For the player, at least. I could count how many times Kraken looped for me on the fingers of an hand’s stump.

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Make Forest Troll Purple-Brown instead of Blue-Brown. The loop relies on Kraken feeding Forest Troll blue mana, while Queen Mab freezes the enemy and preventing the opponent from gathering all the blue mana off the board even if Kraken somehow misses. If Forest Troll was Purple-Brown, it would also generate mana conflict with Kraken, putting the last nail in the coffin.

If you use Mab, Forest Troll cannot loop.
Also there cannot be a Mana conflict with Kraken or with Mab. They do damage without even charging.

With the team I use now this is a non issue…I blow past this"Meta" many in My guild and in other “locations” know this team…If I can make a Kraken Busters team…many, many others can as well.

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Let me tell you, I’m real excited to know if I ever escape “The Dragon Soul Meta” my only reward will be “The Kraken Meta”.

At least I can escape to the Arena’s Dawnbringer meta when I get bored, right?


I think they need a more sweeping change to reduce the mana inflation that’s happened over the last several months. Trolls, Kraken, TDS… they broke the power curve.

As we saw with 4-surges, when mana flows more cheaply, the game is more RNG based, and it really hurts the fun of the game.

You are supposed to go through a Forest Guardian phase, I think.
As for Dragon Soul, wait to meet his cousin Krystenax and his bosom friends, Wisp 1 and Wisp 2.

Or go to a different perspective, how about just change the Devour mechanic so that at most a troop can only successfully devour ONCE.

These color change swaps are temporary and assume they will never release another troop in the future to cause problems with this team. The root ‘issue’ must be addressed. Otherwise people will just be calling for constant daily color swaps as new gem spawners are released.

Troll: Double Gems then add 1 Gem, not 4
Kraken: has a Mythic Level Trait (Cut it from 3 Damage to All down to 1 or 2)

I really don’t think Troll/Kraken is as bad as people are saying anyhow.

I agree i win most of the time but of course bad starting board can kill you but it could happen with any team

Fix target lock.
Address blob match mana.
Address streakiness in cascades.
THEN see if Trolls and/or Kraken need direct changes.

Kraken gets a huge amount of what I call “Unity privilege” (less now with the match trait nerf, but they still benefit hugely from missing target lock, new spawner code and cascades). Forest Troll has great synergy, yes, but Kraken itself is much powerful than it was designed to be regardless. Ruining every color synergy would kill one of the best parts about the game. I honestly wish there were more color synergistic combos as Forest Troll/Kraken, just without the “cast this at any time and it will still probably be favorable” thing that they have going on.

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