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Hi guys, im looking for an active guild.

my current guild stats :slight_smile:

LVL 49
RANK 440
30 members ( 10-15 active almost every day ) (5-10 guys not playin since 3 weeks + )
barely 10 k seals weekly

my stats now:

Dragon Prince
LVL 130
650 seals weekly
50k gold contributor weekly
100+ trophies weekly
connects everyday , plays 1hour each day

Im looking for a guild that would care everybodys active and contributing and that the leader would ask and be proactive in the guild chat section

ready to change this monday ( septembre 19 , )

my invite code should be JIMSTEIN
let me know your guild stats !
thank you guys

Youโ€™re welcome to join mine if you are able to do 100k and 100 trophies a week. I have 1 slot open and info on my guild forum post linked below.

Sorry we are now full. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list I can do that.

still some place ? im free

Iโ€™m sorry we just filled the last 2 slots about 30 minutes ago.

still looking for a great guild guysss ASAP !

invite code JIMSTEIN