How to deal with 3X, 4X Scale Guards?

:sweat:I just feel sick with them in Guild Wars…you can only have 2 turns to kill/drain them and they can be charged so quickly than my troops. :unamused:

The Scale Guard AI is actually quite simple as people have found out this week. Basically it will target the first troop unless there is an already poisoned troop. So putting a Sturdy or Impervious troop in your first slot will mean you don’t get poisoned by them, causing them to do a lot less damage. Also using a troop like Carnex, or one that can increase their own armour can further mitigate their impact.


Basically what @Ozball said. Sort your troops by the desired color and search for either ‘sturdy’ or ‘impervious’ to show all available troops. I guess you’d find one for every color.

Carnex, Behemoth, Poison Master, Bone Dragon, Wulfgarok come to mind… pretty sure there’s some more that work.

EDIT: But I totally agree. Fighting 3x-4x Scale Guard every day is just tedious. But I guess you get the same stupid defenses as you get in regular pvp. Death Knight, 2x Famine + Death is just as common. The AI is utter rubbish, so the only way to make your defense win a match is by using a simple team the AI cant screw up with.

I partly disagree. Scale Guard’s has a high base damage that even you have Impervious or Sturdy, you can easily lose one troops at the first three turns, and we all know that lose one troops = less points bonus.

It will depend a bit on the level of you and your opponent as to how well it will go. Scale Guard at level 20 mythic will have 13 damage + kingdoms/guild/team bonuses. Usually somewhere just north of 20 (21/22ish). I do agree it’s still easy to lose a troop, which was why I made the suggestion of using troops like Carnex that can buff their own armor back up. One Carnex cast almost nullifies the damage done by a Scale Guard cast (his base magic is only 2 points less than a Scale Guards.

In short if you can weather the initial Empowered casts, you should be ok. However, how easy that will be to do will depend a bit on lucky and your own bonuses to armour and magic. Possibly pair Carnex with Ragnagord on Red days. Ragnagord has Fast, and with a +1 brown can fill up in 1 match if you get a mana surge. Getting Ragnagord cast can help get your team up and running mana wise much sooner, allowing you to get some damage on the scale guards more quickly.

Simply use a summoner to replace the lost troop. Kerberos on purple and brown day, Giant Spider on blue and green day. And yes, you do get the full bonus, cause I had lost troops replaced by wargs (or whatever the things summoned by Kerberos are called) and still got the full bonus, even on brown day (wargs are red/purple).


What hasn’t ever been commented on by the developers is if the PC/mobile will retain its extremely monotonous AI behavior after migrating to Unity.

So rather than ALWAYS targeting the first troop like on PC a Scale Guard on Console (running on Unity) will randomly select a target. If a troop is poisoned it will continue to target that troop.

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I stick an anti-poison troop in the first spot.
Blue/Purple days: Poison Master
Purple/Brown: Bone Dragon
Purple/Red: Carnex
Green/Blue: Green Slime
Yellow/Green: Manticore

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Good advice in here, some things to note.
In regular pvp this event-week, 3 Skill Guards fired straight still deal above 100 points of damage, and without a starting board in your favor will most likely hit before you tend to get a spell off to mitigate their damage.
So unless the pesky lizards psyche out and do stupid stuff like collecting 3 matches they don’t need(which does happen) instead of firing 1 through 3, your front troop is still in grave danger of dying even if it is immune to poison.
Same goes for troops like Carnex, unless you are lucky you won’t get his cleansing cast off between the first two Scum guard shots and he dies.
Trying to heal/buff against them can quickly turn into a race you lose due to Scum Guards low manacost.

Is really the only safe way in my opinion, there are a myriad of options for that.

Anyways the week is almost over and the problem solves itself…to make place for whatever monstrosity the next weeks event might create, but it won’t be as bad as this one.

… unless it buffs by 50% Spirit Foxes. Don’t show this comment to the devs please :wink:

100% agree on summoning note though. It’s the best way to finish battle with 4 troops, even against more “normal” teams. In case of Scale Guards it’s pretty much a must.


Arent we getting a new troop from Swords Edge that summons a crap load of troops? That’s going to be a GW favorite when it hits the market …


Oh yeah i wasn’t saying there couldn’t be anything worse than +50% Fail Guards, but we know next weeks event kingdom and i don’t think something in it has the potential to be as annoying :wink:

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only thing that managed to save me from scale guards is traited deathknight on top, quickly charged mana filler and a healer in a team (also suggested summoner)

Just wait for the week to be over. I would assume itll change to the next strong troop for the week and we all will have to start all over

Psion up top, Elspeth and a blue troop to sacrifice. Usually Elspeth will create enough blue to charge Psion on the first turn, who drains the entire team’s mana.

Granted that’s only for Blue days and/or non Guild Wars fights. Famine up top and a sacrificial yellow troop would work for yellow days but lower chance of success because Famine costs so much to charge.

I don’t really like this solution, sorry. Even if it works you barely scratch the Scale Guards, which are still fairly dangerous, while half your team consists of hardly useful Elspeth and RNG knows what Knight. And if it doesn’t… well, you still have this half-crap (or at least quarter-crap) team and you’re in much worse place than when the battle started. No, thank you very much, I’d take a decent team with a Sturdy/Impervious first troop and a summoner over Elspeth-based RNG every time.


The great part about this game is that we can all build different teams to suit our play styles. :slight_smile:

But I’ve had excellent results with this team, plus Krystenax in the #2 slot. That way even if the first-turn mana nuke fails and the Scale Guards kill Psion, you can summon a new troop to take its place. Plus Krystenax can remove Red and slow them down. Plus plus since Scale Guards have super-high Magic numbers, the summoned Silver Drakon generates a ton of blue gems with every cast, which keeps the team charged and rolling.