How to correctly use Construct teams

Step 1

Get 4 constructs. One of them should be your hero with Geomancer for the 50% mana start. The other should be Chalcedony. The third can be Xenith. The fourth absolutely doesn’t matter. It can be whatever.

Step 2

Just use Chalcedony over and over until everything is dead. With 4 constructs, you’ll be creating 15 Brown Gems every loop.

Step 3


Step 4

You can optionally stop at any time and make a gargantuan amount of Doom Skulls. Because Gargoyle gems only are destroyed via explosions or direct gem destruction, using Chalcedony on loop won’t destroy them, but it will keep making them thanks to Xenith’s third trait:


This leads to boards like this:

Which results in this:

32 Doomskulls? Seems a bit overkill, but okay…


Czernobog could be a good fourth team member as this ensures a perpetual Brown storm, increasing the chances of brown 4+ matches even further.

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I’m more impressed that you have Xenith already

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Their evil plan. One of the useful troop, Xenith, only available with Kingdom Pass. Maybe one of the best of Hellcrag …
Czernobog is ok , but is a double generator if you have already Chalcedony.

Im waiting to see Xenith available in the next months.
Great support, can debuffs and create tons of skulls.
Someone can try this ? Ancient Golem, Chalcedony, Geomancer, Xenith

And yes, I also love his art :heart_eyes:

I unlocked everything with gems. I’ve been repeating the 50 to 55 rewards for over a week with many days to come. 5000 gems is nothing.


You might want to speak for yourself.


I was… That’s why I posted it, not you?

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Not as rock-solid reliable, but a lot of fun to play:


Edited to add that TWQ and TWK also make good 4th troops. TWQ takes brown, which is great, but TWK enrages, which is also great. Embarrassment of riches.


For anyone else playing this hilarious “full board of doomskulls” game, it seems the break even point is 15 gargoyle gems (+45 doomskulls, 50 total—fills board but actually will only create 49). Any more than +45 you actually start creating less again, because you can’t overwrite the gargoyles

Despite that, I have also gone as high as +54 bc it is hilarious

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