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How often are YOU running into the "super lucky" opponents?

Devil’s Advocate - all the quotes you posted, when they do specify, only specify PC/Mobile. Says nothing about console.

Yes, but they’ve explicitly said that they DID change the console AI, and explained how they changed it. All the players arguing here are PC/Mobile players.

Edit: sorry - kinda lost track of the original purpose, which was about console AI. Today’s discussion was pretty much all PC/Mobile players.

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You’re right, and I just noticed this is a Console thread. My apologies. Some of the other posters in here play on PC/Mobile so I assumed we were discussing that game, not the Console version.

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I should also clarify something since this thread kind of blew up today, haha. I’m not saying the devs are up to something sinister. However, as others have pointed out, the consoles versions having given them quite a bit of issue in the past, and they HAVE lied/mislead about problems with the console versions before, as others have already pointed out.

And, just to remind, the main reason they still aren’t able to get releases synced up is generally because their updates/patches tend to break the game and they have to redo them and send them back in to Sony for recertification.

So why would it be so far fetched to believe that there is something screwy with the AI on consoles? I’ve seen many a person mention it in the in game chats, and on the forums. Brushing it off with that tired usual excuse does nobody any good.

They’ve actually lied or purposefully misled their players? I find this hard to believe so please show me where this happened.

I could believe that the Devs said there wasn’t a problem with something because they didn’t see a problem only to later realize there was a problem but that’s not lying. That’s just being mistaken and that happens to everyone.

Unless someone has actual proof of the dev lying, I’m sorry but it’s just not even worth responding to as that doesn’t jive at all with every interaction I’ve seen and experienced.


Here is the update from the 2.1.5 console patch notes. This update had a dramatic impact on the play of the AI, but as I’ve said elsewhere, by simultaneously introducing an AI upgrade AND customization, it makes it really hard to know whether what you’re seeing is the improvement in the base AI, or something to do with how the opposing player has tweaked their settings. Overall, these improvements tend to magnify the ‘good luck’ that the AI gets, since it is better able to take advantage of it than it used to be.

I think it is fairly well-acknowledged now (at least among the players) that there IS a difference between console AI (which is easily explained by the change log) and the process that refreshes gems (which they have claimed should be the same on both systems, but which players who play both platforms generally seem to think is more streaky on the console version). This second difference is the one that causes more player rage among console players, at least in my house.

Misleading, willful or not, is still misleading. I never said it was purposeful to begin with. I simply said they had lied/mislead (meaning either/or) to their player base.

I’d probably lean toward it being more the second thing myself as well, since my main gripe is the skydrops/disconnect vs when I use a troop power, vs when the AI uses a troop power.

For example, and this is a rough guess, 60% of the time I use Jarl’s power, I get a 4 match on the board from the created gems. The AI, when Jarl is in the defending team, seems to get it 80-85% of the time. Same with things like Dragon Soul and the activation rate for resurrection, I’ve never had it go off more than once, yet I’ve seen it multiple times where the team I’m attacking has a Dragon Soul, come back 3 times in one match.

Which, granted, has zilch to do with the process that refreshes gems, simply trying to emphasis my point that the AI on the consoles, for whatever reason, can be, and constantly is, screwy.

So you are admitting that you have no proof and are yourself lying/misleading players. Seems a bit hypocritical, no?

That’s a funny one though. I use The Dragon Soul a lot, but my win rate with that team is, say, 95% (probably higher in reality). I battle TDS a lot, too, and my opponents win rate is about 5% (probably lower in reality). Most of the time when I win with my Dragon team, it is no contest and I will seldom lose even a single troop. In other words, I hardly ever give my TDS a chance to resurrect by letting him die. On the flip side, I am constantly giving the opponent a chance to resurrect by killing them repeatedly. I have little doubt that if I were to faithfully track the resurrection results over hundreds of battles, that my results would eventually zero in on the expected probability. The problem is that to get the sample size of resurrection chances high enough on my side, I would have to LOSE hundreds of battles, which would take THOUSANDS of battles, over which my recollections are not going to be very reliable unless I am meticulously recording those.

At 25% probability of resurrection, you could expect a double resurrection about one time in 16. For me to lose with my dragon team 16 times would take months, given that I usually lose about 3-5 battles per week total, and most of those are with task teams when I bite off more than I can chew in PVP. Your mileage may vary.

@KrudlerTheHorse careful you’ll be blasted too. Anyone who disagrees is villified. Me I couldn’t care less. Nore do I feel the need to pounce with evidence that will be brushed off as Bad Luck.

The Devs owe us no truth. Nor are they totally incharge. They play as honest as they are allowed. If you think they %100 honest, well that’s being foolish. No buisness is going to be %100 honest. Why should they? The reality is this is a business.
Tell me the wheel is rigged and I’ll decide if it’s worth playing. Otherwise I’m calling you out on it. Simple


You’re expressed a lot of displeasure with the game lately and said you were looking for alternatives for a while. Are you feeling maybe a little burned out? What about the experience is it would you say?

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Hun you have seen for yourself. I know the drop rates in chests are lowered on more premium items. I will not continue an argument when people purposely blind themselves. Or try to blindfold others. Tell me the truth and we’ll deal with it. Cover it up and you lose credibility. Try to play me or evade you get bit. But I can accept a ‘it’s none of your business’ before a evade or lie.
I’m done here as it changes nothing.

@LYNDALE Is there anything anyone can say to convince you otherwise? If not and you truly feel that way, are you still enjoying GoW despite all that?

I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I know that In the past when I’ve felt that way about a game or activity, after awhile I usually realize I’m just going through the motions and not actually enjoying myself anymore. Some people enjoy being angry (no judgement) but I am not one of them. When I finally come to that realization that’s when I move on. There are too many enjoyable games or activities for me to continue investing my time in something causing me grief.

I hope whatever your decision, that you are ultimately enjoying yourself because really, why else bother. :slight_smile:


And obviously if you aren’t towing the line you should get out.

Honesty there aren’t any viable other teams in terms of speed and efficiency. Also I feel forced because I feel so unlucky compared to AI and if I use any other team it’s hard for me to get the mana I need due to mana blocking. Usually what happens is I have almost all troops with almost all of their mana and I have to keep switching because the board doesn’t have the colors to finish them and then the enemy team wipes me. I’m facing end game players and I’m only missing two stats from not having the newest kingdoms at 5*. So most enemy teams can pretty quickly wipe my team in a few turns where that mana blocking is crucial. It’s frustrating. So I feel forced to use exploding and transformers and that’s the only way to play for me because of that.

I so happen to like those teams so it’s not necessarily a problem it’s just not healthy for the game in my opinion to have only those two play styles that have huge advantages over the others. Now I don’t want nerfs so really I’m just ranting because it’s annoying and I’ve had a long day at work that’s put me in a rather foul mood. So pardon me.

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No need; if you’re in a foul mood that didn’t come across. :slight_smile:

Ideally, what are some of the teams you’d rather be using? Maybe I (or someone better at team strategy than I) can help you craft some teams you’d enjoy playing more.

No I haven’t. Not to sound glib but I haven’t given a flying f what has come out of chests for probably 4-6 months. So if you’d like to converse with me here, you’re going to need to give me more than condescension, starting with what the problem is exactly as you see it. And vague insinuations don’t count… specific things please.

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You say this to argue with other people but you are one of the people that complain most on these fourms and asways there to attack when things dont go your way

If you can find evidence of these claims other than that one thread, please provide such.

Here’s my entire history for you to comb through: