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How much $$ would it cost to get EVERY card?

Topic; thanks.

2 years and vip 6. Missing 2. I’m in a great guild though. All luck. Good luck to you!

Edit. Missing Pet gnome and Zuul.

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There is no answer; it’s all random luck. Many people have full collections without spending a cent; some people spend money and are still missing cards.


Can you get MYTHIC cards without spending real-life money?

Mythic troops can drop from guild seals, Glory keys, Gem keys, and Event keys (when they belong to the featured kingdom). All of these can be obtained for free.

The full game is free to play. You can pay if you choose to. It supports the development and further content. You’d pay to progress faster in a sense, but that isn’t guaranteed as loot/troops are RNGesus determined.


Its all about finding a good guild that helps as much as you do and you will get plenty of free resources, as long as you play too.

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Yes. You can get every card in the game for free if you’re lucky.

I have three.

Well, two, really. I mean, the other one is, as some would say, “good for absolutely nothing.”

Entirely F2P and no Guild, btw.

Edit: I now have FOUR (just pulled Ubastet at 11:53pm, ET :grinning:).

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Impressive. Most impressive.

I have 12 mythics, never spent anything on the game and joined a guild 6 months ago, at that point I had 0.
I got Famine 5x and Elemaugrim 4x, several others 2x so could have been more lucky in obtaining new ones I guess.

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Just over 2 years, VIP 0 and missing 3, valraven, pet gnome and zuul. It certainly a case of RNG over money.

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But you couldn’t start from scratch now and two years later end up as good since guild tasks and gems have been nerfed so much.

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Stonehammer? :joy:
Just a wild guess.

I was guildless until level 600 and had 1 mythic then so you did pretty well for a lone wolf.

Guilds in my opinion definitely help even post task nerfs.

Don’t forget players can craft a Mythic of their choosing for FREE every 2ish months from the Forge.

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The Mythic in question is War. I thought that maybe the song lyrics I had quoted in my previous post would give it away.

Edwin Starr’s version seemingly plays in every documentary about social unrest or the Vietnam War, but what is most unsettling is Jackie Chan’s rendition of the song in the movie Rush Hour.

Though, if I had to listen to just that clip, every day, for a year, in return for a different Mythic, I probably would.

The collector in me says to be content with the drop, which I am.

I kinda feel like Mythics are overrated, in terms of the evaluating a GoW account, says the player who nearly depleted all cached resources in attempts to acquire Ubastet. :frowning:

(Still another thirteen or so hours before target exclusivity ends, so maybe at the last minute, or something. :crossed_fingers:)

Was more thinking about Garg, lol.

Valid point. Should we reminisce how things were better back then? :joy:

Interesting topic… I don’t have all cards but i will sell you my account for hmm, lets say $500! Bargain :wink: Only missing Zuul and yet to mythic ‘Pet Gnome’ :laughing: Also got all pets with a few mythic and a nice stash of keys, glory and gems. So, let the offers begin… $$$


Started playing july 2017, a few months before the task nerf. Didnt join a guild until level ~300 (and i finished all questlines before attempting my first pvp :neutral_face:) Had only 1 mythic at level 1000.
Now im only missing spooky imp, xathenos, and zuul goth.
Completely f2p. It all depends on luck