How much “depth” does this game have?

I’m still new so forgive me if this is a dumb question. But is there a lot of depth/strategy to this game? How does it compare to a CCG like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering? Thanks.

It really depends. I’ve seen games like Hearthstone lacking lots of strategy, and games like Magic TOO complicated. I’d say Gems of War is in a “sweet spot” for me. It has LOTS of depth and strategy, but it’s in a manageable, 4 man crew. It has the basics, like stats: ATK, DEF, HP, but then there’s MAG ATK and Spells. In addition to that, there’s also traits. EVERY troop has a unique spell, which is REALLY cool in my opinion, and traits can make or break a troop or a team.

There’s counters to many team set-ups. There’s teams that can be completely viable subbing it’s troops out for others, and then there’s teams that lose ALL effectiveness if you drop one of the troops, or just simply don’t have ONE trait unlocked on one troop; for example, the Justice League team is nearly pointless without Queen Mab’s last trait.

On one hand, you can look up many tried and true teams, and then you can adapt those teams to fitting the troops available to you, or for the play style you prefer. But, on the other hand, it may be REALLY hard to find a perfect team because there’s SO MANY different teams combinations. There’s 512 troops, and with 4 slots to a team, that’s 2048 different team combinations. You can also have a team with the same exact troops as another player, but different spots on the team.

There’s also the hero troop with 15 different classes, 195 different weapons, so we’re looking at 2,925 different HERO options (not factoring appearance is it is merely cosmetic). Multiply that by the OTHER number we get, and that’s over 6,000,000 different team options, NOT counting team set ups OR teams with multiple of the same troop.

There’s also the added fact that you have to match gems according to a randomized board set up, which is an 8x8 grid. You’re invincible team can be completely decimated by a seemingly harmless team due to this RNG board mechanic, like a 4 skull match dropping 10 times in a row. And vice versa with a team you think you have NO chance against. Navigating and matching the board is half the battle there, as the troops are only reacting to how you and the AI play the board.

For me, this game has PLENTY of fun depth to it, as WELL as lots of cool things for casual players to appreciate. And this is all without touching on events that come up, or Guilds. Your guild itself can make or break your experience and it’s so nice to join a guild that both friendly and active, especially if they have a guild chat (be it discord, PS Chat, Xbox Chat, etc.).

And there’s about 2 new troops added each week to shake things up. Kingdoms are introduced periodically as well, which adds about 6 to 10 troops, and sometimes, like with Dhrak-Zuum and it’s Doomskulls, new mechanics are implemented.

The most important thing about this game is that it can be as casual or as complicated as your capable of making it, and I think there’s a play-style for everybody! Good luck with your journey, and remember to have fun!


Thank you so much! Where is a good place to look for different troop combinations? You mentioned it in your post. I like experimenting, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some that others have put together.

You’re already there, buddy! This forum is a great place for it all! That little magnifying glass by your picture in the top right is a good place to look, but then you can try googling teams as well. If you’re ever in doubt, and the you can’t find a desirable team among what’s already here on the forums, I would recommend creating your own thread, and ask for whatever it is your looking for.

Also, watch @Tacet’s youtube videos. He’s great!

I messed up my math up there:
Here’s the total number of team combinations, NOT including hero combinations:


Thank you!

No problem. Welcome to the community!

A lot of people will say it’s all luck but they’re wrong. Luck plays a part yes but skill plays a bigger part.


You have to match the right color, yes.

That’s about it