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How much can Medals help with delves?

I try to imagine how useful Medals will be on faction troops to make delve level 500 with pure faction team and kingdom level 14. Take “Sea of Sorrow” for example. Increase Attack and Magic on them? Or Magic and cleansing?

Depends on what faction you’re running, but there’s a very high chance I’m taking 3x Cleanse or 2x Cleanse + 20% mana…

Edit: If I don’t need to cleanse anything, then Magic. Lots of Magic.

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I’m going to say “not at all”.


In general, I don’t think it will be that helpful for pure faction teams on delve level 500. Even an extra max stacked +12 magic doesn’t hold up against the AIs huge stats on that level.

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Three 40% chances to cleanse could be very useful in some factions, such as Fang Moor and Dark Pits. You’re still at a significant stat disadvantage, but at least you aren’t also bleeding, cursed, poisoned, death marked, and diseased.

It would be even better if those chances were additive (bugged, given how Ozball said they were supposed to work), such that you had a single 120% chance to cleanse every turn.

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When Delves released I looked at them and thought, “I bet it’s longer than a year before this is easily doable.” I have yet to see anything change my mind.

It feels like these probably make Delve one Tier VII cheaper to finish. That still puts maxing them out of the realm of people who don’t spend their entire weekends on GoW.

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For level 500 pure faction, I have made it to the boss room on Primal Rift many times. I get destroyed because my first slot is constantly entangled. Cleanse may help. However, more than likely, it will just get entangled again immediately following cleanse.

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I think this is a start to redressing the balance. My medals go on faction troops experimentally. I then boost the kingdom to gain the 50% stat boost. My idea is to limit tier 7 purchases by using in game boosts to supplement the lvl 500 attempt. I hate throwing all my resources at anything so Kingdom/faction boost plus medals seems worth a shot

I beat the Wild Court at 500 thanks to two Yasmine Medals and a Cedric Medal for Faerie Fire / Hunter’s Mark insurance.

The extra life was just enough in the first room to put my troops in the three-shot rather than two-shot range of the Red Caps. Made all the difference.

Hoard 180, though. Expensive. And not something I’ll be doing with any other faction, probably, unless there is added to the game some sort of meaningful incentive for maxing more than one faction.


Not at all? Cleansing may be useful where your opponents death mark you.

In the big scheme of things that extra 12 magic (which is the max with 3 Metal of Nysha) isn’t going to do much when you opponent has like 250 health.

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Medals nowadays can make a pretty big difference, actually. 3 Medals of Seasons can give you a lot of extra survivability and damage in Hall of Guardians, for instance; anything that makes you survive one more hit, or require one fewer cast, can be the difference between victory and defeat.

And medals are a way to get a little of that without spending more on hoards…