How many gems does it

So how many gems does it take to get a mythic?

How many gems does it take to get what?

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The only way you can get a mythic from gems would be to use gems to open chests.

There are mythic drop chances in the VIP, Event and Gem chests…all of which you can open with gems.

There’s no exact science on how many gems you’d need since it’s all chance based, but the droprate of a mythic out of VIP keys is .1%, so opening 100 VIP keys SHOULD get you a mythic (or a couple). 100 VIP keys would be 4500 gems.

If you’re trying to get mythics by spending money, the best way to do that would be to get the $50 Growth Pack, the $50 Path to Glory or the $50 Path to Power offers.

At least with those you’re GUARANTEED a mythic, versus with gems you could either get lucky and not need that many, or get unlucky and not end up getting one at all.

To buy 5000 gems would cost you way way way more than it would to just get the $50 packs.

Don’t forget to add you’re also GUARANTEED to get a duplicate Mythic troop, not the ones you’re missing!

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You are GUARANTEED to get a random mythic which may or may not be a duplicate.


M already mid end game atm FYI …the question is that we (in guild) are trying to work out how much would cost for New P2W players to get a Mythic by buying gems obviously.

It could take 10 gems or 10,000 gems to get a mythic it’s all about luck. I’ve had a mythic with a single gem key and didn’t get one when opening 500+.


1%, so opening 100 VIP keys SHOULD get you a mythic (or a couple)

Not sure who was with salty in stream saying that 1% doesn’t work like that in GOW

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The path offers are the only way to get one but you need to wait a month by then like most of us by the end of the month we already sitting on 4K diamonds so they not getting what they want straight away.

If you are over level 150 you get the mythic from growth 2 straight away. The growth pack is the far better option the traitstones are easy to get with explore and wisdom orbs but the 1300 gems takes a long time to get if you are spending them each week on events.

IPersonally I spend my gems on events only.
The fact that it could cost a lot $$ to get Something you might not want and takes a long period might be the cause of some of these rich players not sticking with us on GOW.
(When i said rich player I mean rich rich the one that max their VIP on day one and buy every existing content lol before you say anything I already met them in other games)

The key word is “should”, meaning that the 1% chances don’t stack (so you’ll never get 1 mythic for every 100 VIP keys guaranteed) but that the more chances you take at a rare event, the more likely you are to (eventually) strike gold.

Spend enough chances, and it even starts to become unlikely that you would get “unlucky” so many times in a row.


I think each gem key is 15 gems. So if that’s the case…

15k gems should land you a Mythic.
30k gems should almost guarantee a Mythic.
45k gems astonishingly bad luck.
60k gems contact support because something is broken.

Don’t you guys think the system of seals should be implemented to gem and event keys as it might keep some players excited about sticking with us?

My most expensive mythic cost 350 vip keys. After the third 100 vip chests opened and still nothing, I also opened a 1000 or so gem keys and 5k or 6k glory keys chests. Then 50 more vip and I got it.

Just to work out some specific math… opening 100 VIP keys, or 1,000 gem keys, is more likely than not to give a Mythic, but the percentage might be poorer than you think (it was worse than I had guessed).

1% chance of getting a Mythic from any single VIP key means… 99% chance of not getting a Mythic. The chance of no Mythic after 2 VIP keys is 0.99 * 0.99 = 0.9801 – in other words, 1.99% chance of getting at least one Mythic. Carry this logic through 100 VIP keys, and you get (1 - 0.99^100) = ~63.4% chance of at least one Mythic. It’s a good chance, yes, but not even 2/3!

Some percentages:

  • 100 VIP keys: ~63.4% of at least one Mythic
  • 200 VIP keys: ~86.6%
  • 300 VIP keys: ~95.1%
  • 400 VIP keys: ~98.2%
  • 1,000 gem keys: ~63.23%
  • 2,000 gem keys: ~86.48%
  • 3,000 gem keys: ~95.03%
  • 4,000 gem keys: ~98.17%

Yup, even after 400 VIP keys or 4,000 gem keys, there’s still a ~1.8% chance of leaving without any Mythics. Sobering thought.


I don’t know, sonny, go ask Mr. Owl.

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50 gem keys cost 450 gems iirc. So 9 gems each.

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Thanks… So 10k gems etc.
Or 9k gems if doing the bulk discount. Thanks @Fleg

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