How many gems do you have?

  • I’m always at 0 gems!
  • 100-1000
  • 1000-5000
  • 5000-10,000
  • 10,000-25,000
  • 25,000-50,000
  • I have more than 50,000 gems.

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Most I’ve ever had (which is also right now) is just over 6k. I find they usually build up when there’s no cosmetic pet events for a longer period of time :sweat_smile:

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According to the devs ridiculous pricing, about $4800 worth :rofl:


At this very moment, I have 16213 gems. I would have many more, but I keep spending them on weapons and pets.

I generally float around the 5k mark now, about 2 years ago I was always around 2.5k but I try to collect tributes as much as I can to help.

I used to be in a guild with people who had over 100k gems, I felt very poor lol, amazed at the dedication to collect tributes every daylight hour, every day. I have the memory of Dory so by the time the game loads, I’ve forgotten to collect the tribute and I’m watching TV again lol

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I’m an End Gamer who has most of what he needs, so my Gems are slowly accumulating.

I had almost 7k a little while ago, but blew a big chunk of them on a cosmetic pet (I can’t remember which one) that got me to “3 Pets at Level 20” for whichever Kingdom they were from.

It’s nice not having zero Gems all the time because you have to keep spending them…

I have about 10,400 gems now and I once had more than 24,000. Later the daily offers were released and the stash went down drastically. Stopped playing Arena after that, even for daily offers. Skipping on spending a lot on a couple of ToD events helps the accumulation too. Collecting tributes regularly increases the hoard greatly. I would pay for a pet that works passively in the game for me, collecting tributes.

I hover around 7-10k but im a totally free to player on ps4 (tribute aint as easy) with a yt channel where i have to waste a little bit to do certain things for videos.

If i was a non youtuber who spends a lot of money on mobile i bet i would have at least twice that for sure


I had many gems once (about 30k), but spent them for the forge scrolls. So now I try to collect some for the next ToD and buy all necessary scrolls. But while I’m an end gamer, I have little else to spend my gems for.