How many class xp points required to get hero tree to 100

How many class xp points does it take to level a hero tree from zero to 100 ?

I am reliably informed by my trusty guildmate that it is 5050
I will leave this post up for info


From level n-1 to level n you need n xp
From level 0 to level n you need 1+2+…+n=n(n+1)/2
From level 0 to 100 you need 1+2+…+100=100(100+1)/2=5050


For me, Gauss’ formula is easier to understand.

1 + 2 + 3 + … + 98 + 99 + 100
= (1+100) + (2+99) + (3+98) + … + (50+51) --> 100/2 times
= 101 Ă— 50
= 5,050

The same formula can be used on Hoard Level upgrading. So to reach Hoard Level 1,000, it would need 500,500 XP.


Level 70 is half way.


It’s 5040, but for reasons based on what others have said.
It 's 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+11+12+13… (The cost changes from level 9 (costing 9) and level 10 (costing 11).
So it’s Triangle numbers (1+2+3…+99+100), but 10 is ignored. so 5040

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Honestly there are only 7 levels.

You only get talents at 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70, and 100. A hero with Champion Level 99 doesn’t have any advantage over a hero at Champion Level 71. No stats, no gem mastery, no bonus. The only reason they split it into 100 levels is psychologically we’re happy to see “progress” even if it doesn’t matter. It’d be way more depressing to know that post-level 70 you’re thousands of matches away from the next talent, so instead they make you excited you’re only 100 matches away from the next meaningless goalpost.


It’s even more depressing when the xp required to get from 70>100, is more than the xp required to get from 1-70 (to get from 1-70, it’s 2475 xp, to get from 70-100, it’s 2565)

Why is 10 even ignore? What kind of weird bug is this?!!

I never noticed it, as new class quickly go past Level 10 by Tiers bought and stage reward. Do you have a screenshot? If you do, maybe you should create a bug report for it.

Also, a bit unrelated, but there is some wierd number behavior in Hoard’s Level Upgrading as well. Level is start at 1, but XP requirement seemed to start from 0, so there is 1 missing XP somewhere. Noticed that from making Hoard spreadsheet.

The same as the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop. The world may never know. :wink:

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It is weird, but 10 is ignored because the the “formulae” for the xp changes.

From levels 1-9, xp required to get to next level is equal to the level (so level 1=1, Level 2=2 etc)
Then, all of a sudden, from level 10 onwards, it’s Level +1. So Level 10 =11, Level 11=12 Etc Etc.
I dont think it’s a bug, i think it’s intended.

I think you might be mistaken, as I can’t see the game bahave as you said. You might just misunderstand how XP system work.

I already reach level 52 (by gaining 52 XP), so I need 53 more XP to reach level 53. If it actually works like you said, then it must be 54 instead. So might never be a chance of formula in Level 10 at all.

So, in conclusion, you might just look at your Champion Level 10 Class, and see that it need 11 more for next Level, so you think the formula is changed, but it’s actually not.

Actually issue was that i thought the class started on level 1 talent. not level 0 (cause you know, it makes sense you start at level 1…)

Ah, okay. There is really something weird with starting level. In Delve’s Hoard, it starts with one to increase upgrading price, but don’t give any renown, and will take that extra one XP away later, like it always starts at zero. Cause me quite a headache to calculate it.

The only 7 levels argument falls apart when you realize you need to level up the Hero class for Kingdom power levels.

Champion Level 20: KP 12
Champion Level 30: KP 14
Champion Level 40: KP 15
Champion Level 50: KP 16
Champion Level 60: KP 17
Champion Level 70: KP 18
Champion Level 80: KP 19
Champion Level 100: KP 20


My only counterpoint here is level 30 is practically purchasable during a class event, and I imagine it’ll be a long while before we have a plethora of people worried about KP 16?

I’d be willing to bet “most people”, as in “the majority of players, not just endgamers”, are struggling to reach KP 8 or 9, and I’d be willing to bet (without looking at data) we could be years away from KP 20 being a possibility.

I did not notice that the formula was different below level 10. It happens so fast I had never noticed. lol

But I do not believe the total is 5040. 10 is not “ignored” as if you don’t have to get level 10. The requirement simply goes up.

If there were no shifting of the requirements, the total would be n*(n+1)/2 = 100*101/2 = 5050.

Starting with level 10 one point is added to the requirement for every level, so the total is the 5050 increased by one for levels 10 through 100 inclusive, or 91 total levels.

I believe the total is thus 5050 + 91 = 5141.

Dude, Chalky123 already admit he was mistaken. There is no shift in the formula, and the total is still at 5,050.

I also did your math [(1+10)×(10/2)]+[(11+101)×(90/2)] = 5,095 but delete it when noticed it’s not how the game bahave at all.

Please don’t accidentally cause anymore confusion on this topic.


Edited to remove confusion.

I assumed, erroneously, it appears, that the next level was n+1. Perhaps it was at one point, for I could swear it used to take 101 to get to level 100. However, based on screenshots it looks like it’s just n. In that case, 5050 is right.

Are you sure?

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