How many battles have I fought?

Is there a way to see the total number of battles for my account?

I’d like to compare explore farming teams, and as part of this I would need to know how many battles were won in a farming session.

Also, is there a current list of kingdoms and the maximum possible power level for each?

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Sadly you can’t really get all of these numbers.

You can get some insight into the number of battles you’ve fought via off-by-default columns at, but for the most part unless the game exposes a particular number via data files no insight for it can be had.

RE: that list of kingdoms, I don’t know of a publicly posted one, they seem to be privately maintained. I’m working on a tool that can do it, but it’s a “spare time” and “when I’m bored” project so I can’t give an ETA.

I’ve always wanted a page with weird stats like this. I like seeing numbers change.

Look under the Kingdom tab.


Before the hero class rework number of the battles won could be seen on the hero menu screen (next to the class weapon it was, I think).
Even if you didn’t use hero in the team, it would still add numbers to the hero class that was selected at the moment.

I believe I already mentioned this issue sometime when people were giving feedback of the hero class system, but I can repeat one more that it would be very helpful to get number of won battles back on the hero menu again.

Thank you. I’ve looked at that doc before but forgot it has max power.

Ah, this is still here, as long as you’re using a hero with less than 250 wins. So when testing teams without the hero, I can use a class I haven’t played yet.

Of course when the hero is on the team and is below level 100, champion XP can be used.

Not really. If you play only explore (1xp) or only other kinds of battles (2xp), it can be sort of viable, but otherwise you have varied xp per battle and no way to accurately follow the number of wins.

Right, but when comparing teams I’d just stick to one kind of battle.

I’ve done this before with explore, when having the hero on the team. What I haven’t tried yet is testing teams without the hero.

For other purposes, yeah, champion xp might not work.

Go to, link your account and look at My Collection. It shows you which kingdoms of yours can be upgraded. The site also has much more useful info

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