How many 5 star kingdooms do you have?


I got my first one thanks to 9th Broken Spire troop :).


Zero here. And I would have put money on no-one in game having a 5-star kingdom yet. /hattip


I’m fairly close to getting Zaejin, Whitehelm, Karakoth, Forest of Thorns, and Broken Spire to level 5. Pretty much any kingdom that gets a 9th troop will instantly be a level 5 kingdom for me. xD


I only need 1 light arcane stone to get white helm up :slightly_smiling:


probably too much… :dizzy_face:


You guys are in advance!
I only have broken spire at level 5.
All others are at level 3.


I have 1 kingdom at 1 gold star, the rest are silver star. flex


Master of… Photoshop :slight_smile:


Lv5 Adana :slight_smile: little bit too much


@KAYA43V3R Rekt. :stuck_out_tongue:


just a joke :wink:


Looks excellent.
Question: when you reached the 5 star kingdom, will get double skill bonus.
So assuming that all the troop’s skill from the kingdom will be doubled.
like …attack, armor, magic and health… al doubled?


All the troops world wide!


At least we still can beat you in some ways Mr. Legend


I hope you will!
@tacet gave me some pointers on getting the traitstones I’m missing though… :smiley:


If you seriously need


I have one 2-star a handful of 1-star and rest silver. And it will be that way for loooong time, possibly forever.

Maybe if the interface changes to the one Tacet suggested with well visible power progress on the main map I notice some that gained naturally and close to the next step.