How level up faster?

how to level up faster ???

Play more :slight_smile:

Take faster teams

Invest in XP-boosting armour (which can be bought with gems)

There is an item ingame which can be bought with real money (forgot the name) which adds additional XP too

Deathknight armor, fast teams (ideally clearing explore in less than 40 seconds), grind explores on warlord 4 in the gvg week (100% exp bonus from armor, 100% exp bonus from winning the daily gvg, 100% exp bonus from warlord diffficulty).
Upgrade guild statues (blue guardian gives +exp).

Might be more efficient to scrap the difficulty bonus, and roll normal explores. You get 70 less exp, but you can beat 5-6 normal explores in the same time you’d beat a warlord 3-4. So more exp/same time.

I guess you mean the Ring of wonders monthly item. Not worth the investment tbh, as it gives just +50% exp.

Also all items give bonus to the base exp, not the total exp.

So ring of wonder gives you basically +20 exp/fight… Not really worth.

Will test soon for actual numbers for each👌

Test 1: Explore, normal difficulty, 203% exp bonus = 109 exp.

Bonuses from vip level (20%), guild statues (30%), armor (50%), gvg win (100%), pet (3%).

Test 2: Explore, warlord IV difficulty, 303% exp bonus = 149 exp.

Bonuses from vip level (20%), guild statues (30%), armor (50%), gvg win (100%), pet (3%), warlord (100%).

So base exp for explore is 40 exp.

Maximum boosts:

Deathknight armor, 100% exp.
Ring of wonders, 50% exp.
Gvg buff, 100% exp.
Pet 5% exp.
Vip, 100% exp (vip 17…).
Guild statues, 50% exp (?).
Warlord difficulty, warlord IV, 100% exp.

Total: + 505% exp.
Max exp can be 242 exp💪🏻

I’d say don’t worry about levels
If u concentrate on them above all else, you’ll be a high level weakling as has become a common thing more recently
Pace yourself and worry about troops to level kingdoms