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How is this possible?


What team a person could use to have 0 loses? Considering how rng works in this game its impossible to have 100% win rate.

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@en9nhcet I’ll let you handle this one. :grinning:
(I too used to think it impossible. But it’s definitely possible if you have enough gems and know what you’re doing)

My best guess would be they only do 1 trophy matches. It is hard to lose a 1 trophy match.

it’s very easy you just have to start off your day with a bowl of…



I went 273 wins and no losses a week or so back, by only taking the 1-2 trophy or easy matches. Rewards were lessened but it’s not like I need ‘em much.

Edit: the 1-2 trophy matches after often lower tier opponents with low stats, so quicker wins, too.