How is the % Troop's Spell works calculated?

I wonder how the % percentage that a Troop’s Spell works is Calculated?

I recently had the “enjoyment” of casting Kerberos Devour spell 12 times with zero devour. But the AI’s was 3 out of 4! I truly believe the way the 50% is calculated is based on 20% for Humans and 80% for AI’s, which while averaging 50% seems very unfair. I tried keeping track of % by user (or % for me vs. % for AI) and it was very depressing. 20% & 80% was close to the answer! I have read from previous posts the frustrations many have had with The Dragon Soul resurrect 25%. The basic comment was happened far more often against you than for you. It took me over 50 times using Dracos (I didn’t count in the beginning but I did count FIFTY times) before I got the first Destroy (suppose to be 25%). We know from the website how often these spells are suppose to work.

What I would love to know is the percentage for the humans (when you are playing) and the percentage for the AI (vs the machine) which when totalled together might balance to the average they say.

What I know for certain is that after investing over $300 into this game to get stronger I am now so frustrated by Kerberos devour I am considering leaving. I believe it is unfair how often the % works in AI’s favor to the detriment of humans repeatedly. For the record I have been playing since October 2016 and am over 1,000 level player, I am not a rookie. My example of 12 casts of Kerberos spell is not my only experience with this but just the most recent.

Maybe the answer is take away the % - first time cast does not work & second time it does. At the very least, let the human’s % be the same % as the AI’s - which at the moment I have absolutely no doubt it is not!

Well, for me 50% on average seems to be about right, the AI and i are on relative equal footing in that department.

Others will come into this thread and throw the term recall bias in your face without knowing how your reality actually looks like when using Kerberos. You might very well be unlucky and get a 20% effective chance for your casts, that is the problem with so highly chance dependant abilities.

Similar to what you propose, making devour a two part spell, with the first placing an uncleansable debuff on the target and the second cast actually devouring seems like a great idea to me, but it has been brought up in the past and it doesn’t look like the Devs are willing to go that way.

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You may have been very, very unlucky (which is possible when randomness is involved), or this is a case of recall bias (or whatever they call it), or something else entirely. I won’t pretend to know what it is. I do know, however, what it is not.

I read the game code. There is nothing there to differentiate between AI troop and player troop, they go through the same code, so the chance is the same. There cannot be a chance difference between human player and AI. Whatever you believe you observed does not matter, if the code for it is simply not there.


I like to (jokingly) say that it’s a fair 50% :
0% when used by player
100% when used by AI
Wich averages at 50% !

No, really, we just don’t pay much attention to it most of the times, we only notice when it screws us.

If you are already winning, chance being on your side doesn’t affect the outcome, so you just tend to forget when it proced for you.

If you are loosing a bit and it’s saving your game, you will often feel you could have won without it, because we are used to win way over 80% games.

If it really saves your ass, you will notice, but that’s a one battle among hundreds, one cast among thousands, it goes unnoticed.

And then, when it screws you, wether because you needed it to proc or because you wanted to avoid being eaten by your ennemy at all cost, there you will notice. There you will remember that luck has betrayed you.


It feels about right for me. If anything, I think this week I’ve been getting it more than 50% of the time, but I haven’t kept notes and my memory/impression is not to be trusted :wink:

  1. That’s too small of a sample. Try recording a at least a hundred results on paper/digitally every time its used, and by whom.
  2. Also, I’ve haven’t seen Kerberos Devour a dead troop. OBVIOUSLY if your including these casts in your results they will be highly erroneous.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. If you mean that Devour won’t process if his spell damage would otherwise kill the troop, that isn’t the case. I sometimes see the devour animation run even when the troop being attacked only has a few hit points.

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I used the Kerb/FG up until I had about 1500 pvp points then I gave up. Couldn’t tell you how many casts, or how many matches that takes but I got 2 devours.
The AI in one battle got 5/5 devours.

I’ve since stopped fighting devour and stopped using it as well.

Don’t take what I say to mean anything though. I’m just unlucky. An example is using Sir Gwayne. Used him for 15 battles and never got an extra turn from the gems he creates. So me telling you about whether I think the game is ‘fair’ is pointless, but I wanted to be included either way :smile:

I means I was totally wrong.

I just did a few quick Normal Explores with Kerberos. One hit kill, Devoured 4/9 casts.