How get banned spam-bot

Hi there!
Within two days, a bot settled in our chat, spamming about Ukraine and insulting people. Reports do not give a quick result, who can help:?
Nickname XYITAM
don’t play any match 480 days?
just chating… idk what is…
i think you can check it

This player has not been active for a long time, I think the whole guild should be checked, and the point is not only in a kick from the guild, but blocking the ability to write to the general chat, because this spoils the New Year mood for everyone

i see what you typing) if u interested itranslate it.
He says something like “fucked Shit Russians will pay for everything with blood. Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine. Death to a fuckers”. and sometimes use any words in chat + add “in ur ass bitch” Or something like this…

I’d just get your guild leader to boot him.

If he’s Ukrainian and not active, he might actually be dead.
As there’s a war going on.

He stops spamming right now. Great job support)
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

I think the messages were in a global channel that they use if I interpret the screenshots correctly.