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How does traiting a card work?

There are some cards where I only got one trait but yesterday I wanted the third trait on a card so I bought it but when I looked at the card again it had all three traits. Is that how it’s supposed to be and if so did I waste trait stones on the ones where I only got the first trait? Or maybe I’m going crazy and there was an option I clicked to get all three without realizing it?

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Yes, traits must be bought consequently, you cannot have only second or only third. Either none, or first, or first and second, or all three. And if you try to buy “only third” trait, you buy all 3, that’s why you see all of them present.


Thanks for the answer so now my question is this: let’s just say if the third trait requires 10 blue traitstones and the first one only requires 3. If I only buy the first trait and decide later that I want the third one will the cost go down to 7 traitstones or does it remain at 10?

The cost will go down.
What you paid for the “3rd trait” on an untraited card, was actually the FULL cost for ALL 3 traits.

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Thanks for the explanation, guys. At my level I can’t afford to waste traitstones. Thanks for Helping me understand how it works and thanks for letting me know I didn’t waste my traistones