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How does one craft a mythic?

I saw another thread titled “Help my craft my next mythic”. I’m a fairly new player, and there’s a lot about this game I have yet to learn. How does one craft a mythic?

You need to collect diamond and when you got 4000 diamond you can go in the soulforge to craft one of the listed mythic.
This list change every week

Note you need to upgrade the soulforge to level 10 before you can craft a mythic.
You can upgrade soulforge by completing any battle or use gems but it’s not recommended since gems are very precious

Soulforge / Troops
Your Soulforge needs to be lvl 10 and you need to have enough ressources (4,000 diamonds, 20,000 sould and 10 celestial traitstones).

Just to add to the other two posts above me - the Soulforge can be found in the “Games” section (the pawn symbol next to the PvP badge at the bottom of the map screen). The Soulforge is the “Craft” button, and you’re looking for the 4th tab along in here, “Troops”.

In addition, fighting the dungeon battles (“Pillage” under the games tab) will earn diamonds that you can later use to craft your mythics. It’s slow, but it is guaranteed.