How does Cedric's pull last enemy to the front ability work?

I don’t understand why enemies get moved around the way they do sometimes.
I posted a couple pictures to illustrate this. In the first picture, there is an enemy in slot 2 and 3. The way I think “Pull the last enemy to the front” should work is take the enemy in slot 3 and move him to slot 1. This would allow the charm to make them hit each other.
The way it actually works is pulls guy from slot 3 to slot 1, and for some reason moves the guy from slot 2 to slot 3. Is this intended? Am I missing something?
Thanks for any help!

Without testing it looks like the affected enemy is moved to the first position and everyone else is moved one slot down

There was a very recent thread that reported this as a bug, and I’m pretty sure it was demonstrated that what @Veryhappy describes is how it behaves but that only the last enemy should be affected.

To “pull the last enemy to the front”, slot 1 has to be empty. If it’s already empty, you don’t expect anything else to happen. If it’s not empty, the enemy in slot 1 has to go somewhere. The easiest place is slot 2. But what if there’s an enemy in slot 2? Well, it has to go somewhere, so it goes to slot 3. But what if slot 3 isn’t empty? Well, we push it to slot 4, which we know is empty since we took that troop to put it in slot 1.

The game does all that, but doesn’t check if any slots are empty. It just puts slot 4 in slot 1, 1 in 2, 2 in 3, then 3 in 4. If any slot is empty, that empty space is moved too.


That has to be it. It does work as intended if there aren’t empty slots.

Aforementioned bug report thread: