How does a Glade Warden or Centaur Scout get 22 attack?

I’m at level 222 and my centaur scout has 11 attack, all the traits but not any bonuses. I got schooled by a player with a glade warden with 22 attack and all the traits. It killed by team with 4 skull combos in two turns. What bonus does a glade warden or centaur scout need to get 22 attack?


All kingdoms at level 10 and ascended to Mythic. I think. Kingdoms are done but mine aren’t mythic yet.

A Glade Warden ascended to mythic and leveled to 20 should have 17 attack, if I’m not mistaken. Kingdom level bonuses can add up to 5 more, for a total of 22. It could get even higher with team bonuses.

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Here is the count:

  • Base: 2
  • Maxed Ascension: +5
  • Maxed Levels: +9
  • Kingdoms at Level 10: +5
  • Kingdoms with 5 stars: +5

So, a centaur could have up to 26 of attack

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I think you missed the bonus from each tier of ascension.

No, I did not.
The troop list shows a level 15 Glade Warden to have 7 attack.
add +5 for 5 ascensions.
add +5 for levels 16-20
add +5 for kingdoms at level 10
= 22

I did not include the 5 star kingdom bonuses because they are not reasonably achievable for most people. but with these, the maximum should be 27.

@joedaddyzzz: Sorry to say so, but you haven’t seen anything yet. A week ago or so I fought a team with maxed out Gnoll (True shot, no Agile fortunately) with 30 attack (yes, thirty, that’s not a mistake). I don’t remember team bonuses there, but that was pretty scary - I have all kingdoms lvl 10, troops in my team on lvl 19 and still he would have one shot any of them if he attacked. Which he fortunately didn’t :wink:

Not yet mentioned in thread: if you’re playing on, say, Warlord I enemy stats get +25%. That can make the difference between one-shots and two-shots from a True Shotter.

@GemsCollector, yeah mate, I have my Gnoll at 31 attack when invading, 29 attack if defending. Once he is upgraded to Mythic (need another 17 cards) he will have 33 attack when invading and 31 attack as defence.

A little off topic. But I just wonder why skeletons was fixed some weeks ago with the mana cost up to 10, but Centaurs and true shot teams was not fixed. I mean the agile trait is much more than 30% still?

Devs are still thinking about how best to do this… and I suspect waiting for the ‘refund’ function which has been promised, before any major fixes to these over-powered commons…

I agree with you. But find it a little strange that minor things like the Agile Trait that is way over 30%, probably at 70% is not fixed, while the skeletons mana cost was tweaked. I am not a Dev and it might be that a more complicated code will be needed to fix it. I am not talking about fixing the true shot, here, just the trait. I am also fully behind the Devs, but there is always questions in every game.

That’s recall bias for you, not a bug, I’m afraid… My recent experience of Agile has been it works rarely and I have been slapping down those Centaurs easily enough…

Just had a fought too, one agile the team had aginst my 4 skull attacks, looks like its been fixed. :slightly_smiling:

It is very random. Some matches it fires regularly. Some matches it doesn’t fire at all. When it doesn’t . . . . good thing I don’t have a cordless mouse. :wink: