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How do you start a new game

've been playing for awhile now, but w3ant to relive the fun of unlocking kingdoms and doing quests. In essence, I want to start over again but have no clue if this is even possible

Depends on what platform you are playing on.

PC (WIndows)

Be nice to do it on Android as well

Once you set up a level 1 account, you can link your account to share the same level 1 account with all your devices.

I’m working on PC instructions at the moment. I will PM them to you once done.

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I am shocked and appalled at this request!


lol lol and lol :joy_cat:

I expect a “I lost all my cards, I just wanted to replay the quests” to soon follow.

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This seems like… a bad plan

If your reset your game you will lose everything you have unlocked and I do NOT recommend it, but to each his own.

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Some people just want to watch the world burn.

No, I don’t want to reset it. I want to start a second game on the same computer