How do you raise Kingdom Level?

I finished all of the first kingdom quest and all of the challenges so my kingdom is now level 2… How can I raise it even more? The only thing left says that I can get a bonus from having a creature level 15 (Which I do own) but it says 0 beside it.

I presume you’re playing on Xbox which is still on version 1.0.6. How you raise Kingdom level in 1.0.7 is quite different.

But on 1.0.6, you do it by levelling a troop from that Kingdom to 15. For Broken Spire, a good first troop to level to 15 would be Luther.

But as a new player, opening up more Kingdoms is way more useful than trying to level your first Kingdom.

I don’t know when Xbox will go to 1.0.7, but I’d wait to do any levelling until then, because it becomes much easier. Just level the troops you’re actually using to fight with.

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Pretty much what @actreal said…