How do you get the weekly glory card?

Earlier this week, before the new patch it was like 140 or 150 glory to get this weeks glory hero card. Now that screen still pops up when I log in but when I click it to be taken to the glory screen I see souls, maps, and 2 different chests. The one that looks like it has the weekly glory hero in it is now 400 glory (as opposed to the original price of 150 that he was) and has a bunch of other stuff in it. Fine you look like you are getting your glory’s worth but I just wanted the card and not a bunch of keys and other stuff.

Why this change?


I agree completely. We should be able to get just the card for the cost it was, and have the option of the pack if we want. Like you, I only want the card and not anything else.

i got it from both. I got it before the update because i did not know if they would ajust the price and did not know if it would even be a good card or not and then after the update i was able to recover my glory quickly and grab it another 2 times. I managed this without having to do pvp and also did it while my level sits below level 100

I agree. Before you could purchase multiple copies of the troop. Now it would be very expensive to do so if you have to buy the chest each time. Also what about the weekly weapon card? How would you purchase it? It wouldn’t make sense to put it in the chest because you would be repurchasing it with each chest bought.

All previously unavailable weekly troops are now obtainable in Glory(+) Chests, including The Anointed One.

So now if you want him you have the option of getting him via 400 Glory pack, or like any other troop through chests.

From what i can tell we are still missing some content that we wont see untill next week as it is a weapon week so it will be interesting to see how that works.

While this is nifty, I’d still like to see the old version brought back. 400 glory is a lot for new/lower level players, glory boxes are a crap shoot on what you get, and the previous cost was much more manageable. Options are always great, but all players should be included in the implementation of those options, not just players swimming in resources.

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