How do you delete/reset your account?

If I wanted to delete/reset my account, how would I do it?

Deletion is not possible, while resetting would be more akin to starting a new user.

To Start a New Account:

iOS/Android: Uninstall the game and reinstall it. You’ll begin from scratch I believe.

Computer (Steam): Not sure on this as I’ve yet to test it myself, but disabling the Steam Cloud and uninstalling/reinstalling GoW should do the trick.

Another option is using a device that doesn’t already have GoW installed and install it, once you got past the tutorial you can Register the Device you’re using and make it an account, then linking the other devices to that account should overwrite them.

I can’t confirm whether any of these methods actually work, but they should do the trick from everything I’ve read.

I can confirm this works - did it with a friend…

I’m not sure this is true for iOS. You may also need to delete any iCloud backup/data so it doesn’t get re-synced on re-install.