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How do you build a good arena team

With the new rewards for arena, I’ve been wanting to check it out but I’m having a hard time getting a decent team together. I assume you try to get as much of the rainbow as you can but other than that, what do you look for when building a team?

Check out this @Tacet video. I haven’t seen it myself yet (mayb I should actually…), but his videos are generally very good.

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Runic Blade

I’m not good with advice. Go watch that video. XD


Actually @Tacet, I think the video needs updating as the Hero stats are nuts, we have more crazy powered troops (Lava Elemental) and of course Rune Blade is off the hook!

As for advice. Take damage over defense/cleanse/converters unless there is a mana conflict. And practice. What helped me was that I played Magic the Gathering before GoW and I played a lot of sealed and draft. Take your time choosing until you get the hang of things. And most important of all, make sure your difficulty level is set to normal.

Also keep a tally of those troops on the opposing side that give you trouble, they are probably good picks for you to take when you get the chance.

i have 2 tactics for arena:

if you dont have runic blade:
-try getting all the colors filling hero with the missing one
-try to get all the units with a damage dealing spell rather then something else
-make sure to rearrange them with somethign that will tank on top which if you want you might skip mana of, and then appropriatelly put them in the order that the more important spells dont have mana blocked
-you can use black manacles but that would probably mean you have runic blade after all

if u have runic blade:
-runic blade (feed it mana as priority, this weapon will carry you)

  • 3x anything indeed, one can go on top to tank before the blade but make sure to not block blade’s mana
  • doesnt have to keep with the rule that each spell actually deals damage, doesnt have to keep all mana colors either
  • i think prefered is the 3 others have low mana cost or can feed runic blade, at least one of them still should have ability to damage to weaken enemy before runic blade kills first time

in both strategies i like to rather assume the first unit is ‘tank’ and i usually dont feed it any mana, its ment to eventually die while i shoot the spells from behind it using the remaining 3 units

i didnt watch Tacet so no idea how close to his idea i am

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