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How do you actually set your GW defense team?

I’ve been ignoring the GW defense reset bug for a long time, no particular reason. Now, it bugs me. Thing is, what I HAVEN’T learned from the threads about it is the answer to a simple question:

How do I actually set my GW defense team such that it’ll be used? Is it safe enough to just set it each morning, or is it a chore I need to do each time I open the game?

you need to have 6 separate defense slots…I would name them so you don’t confuse them but they will reset on weekly reset to you pvp team

No, I set them last week and when I looked at them yesterday all of them had been reset to some default. There’s a bug that causes them to be reset, and I’m asking what people who experience the bug do to get around it, because so far asking the developers to make it work properly has proved too burdensome.

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This has been asked a bunch: GW Defense Teams STILL Resetting (Update?)

This is the only thing that has worked for me.


@Aelthwyn’s suggestion works. It’s the only thing that has reliably worked for me.

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Witchcraft :thinking::grin:

Here’s a little something I prepared earlier :sunglasses:

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I set my defensive teams on mondays.
Never had them reset for me.(Except maybe the first week,not sure.)

A note - I updated the article to include this, if the workaround isn’t working:

Note: This must be done on the day after the Weekly Reset at the beginning of the week, when you set up your teams for the week entirely.

Yeah, I did this process and while it was a little tedious, it seems to have worked. “A tedious workaround” is better than “broke” so I’ll probably still be superstitiously doing it way after it’s fixed >.<

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No worries, we’ll have it fixed next update :+1: