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How do talents work?

I couldn’t find any information on talent trees. Whether I use my hero or not, the talents I selected for my class don’t appear to do a darn thing. What’s the deal with these?

They work, but only if the Hero is on you team.
What exactly did you choose and why are you saying that they don’t do anything?

Btw they are additional effects like traits, or just additional stats, that you can choose (up to 7 of them)

1 basic example of additional stats talent
Stats with knowledge talent:

Stats with resilience talent (+8 life)

I did manage to see talents showing up in one battle I did, but I’m doing a pet rescue at the moment and don’t see any talents there even though my hero is in. Do they only apply to certain battles? And why is there no in-game help on this?

Oh wait, I see the talents now. I have to view the trait card to see them.