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How do Soul Farm teams work in AI Defend?

In another old thread I was reading today to find this answer Tacet says;

Winning in Defend mode you get

  • A small amount of gold
  • 4 souls (1 per kill)
  • 3 glory
  • Gems occasionally based off of 7x cascades
  • Keys occasionally based off of number of move based matches

Loosing it doesn’t say since it is so random.

What do you get when you have a troop or item that gives you Extra souls on hits and kills?

Such as Soul Blade (and the Hero in #1 spot since you’re going to loose - might as well get souls)
Or Acolyte on the team
Or Valkyrie

I have a team and I am clearly not getting 10 souls per hit and I can’t imagine the team doing nothing at all. - Just standing there and getting beaten on. – Especially when I win as a Defender.


Literally wrote an article for this question… yeah, you get the standard stuff regardless of supposed extras. Those do not factor into your rewards.


aka -Then I should not bother putting together a team that does soul or gold farming in that space.

That’s correct, yes.

Dank AF meme, breh!