How do I put words under my profile picture


I’ve noticed some people have words under their profile picture when they talk. For example some profile then gems of war DEV or some name then empowered. Am I able to change mine? Like put my gems of war clan under my picture?


You have to reach regular status, I’ll try to find/post a link of the requirements for you


After obtaining it, you just PM @Nimhain what you want your title to be.


Or I’ll just summon a friendly tacet to do the work for me lol


No problem. :slight_smile:


Read, read, read, read all tbe forum post you can.
Here is a way to track your progress


Thank you everyone for helping me!


Yeah I just recently got mine. Nimhain is wonderful.(all the devs are) Just be a regular here. I think you are already well on your way. :slight_smile:


Reaching Regular status gets you all…


still the best gif out there.





good contenders though :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ve gotten my title!! Who ooooooooo hooooo


Congrats! :slight_smile:


Ty my friend


Welcome to the title side of being a member.


Congrats, don’t forget to check out the lounge.