How do I make The auto feature work

New auto play feature Might be useless but nobody shares how to make it work

  • Start the battle.
  • Click the triangle in the top left corner.
  • Click Auto Play Mode
  • Have a cup of coffee while the AI keeps casting Thrall over and over, at 1.5 speed, instead of ending the battle with Zuul :wink:

Mind you, it’s not available in all game modes. But it does work in Explore.
Oh, and I’m on Steam, not sure if it’s the same on other platforms.

Use a skull team too. Someone shared this in our guild. Auto play, auto win. :grin:


i use savage hunter instead of webspinner :wink:

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Savage Hunter is a good shout, Eagle Eye trait applies hunters mark for double skull damage, Toxic Hatred deals double skull damage to green enemies and Bloodlust applies enrage when an enemy dies. Try having a go with Tracker which also has Eagle Eye for the hunters mark plus Armour Piercing which has a 50% chance to ignore armour against all enemies which, (in my experience), results in more one shot kills. Additionally, whilst some troops are immune to hunters mark slowing things down for you, there is no counter against Armour Piercing. :wink:

i use savage hunter for hunter’s mark yes, but the enrage helps me to ignore skull reduction traits or reflect

What kingdom is best?

this week i do ghulvania and blackhawk

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yes, tried the tracker version in the past and today again, but i like the savage hunter version more, cause sometimes tracker does armor piercing and next time he does not, still better than webspinner imo.
you can also try the burrow warden in ghulvania to be more tankier, not good against impervious troops like in blackhawk where savage hunter or tracker is better :wink:
oh, and i use maze banner for all versions and 3x season medals…just to explain it all, lol